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Independent 6377 by Tees – Four Seasons

Posted by bensand on March 26th, 2007


I was sure it wasn’t me today. I was absolutely sure. I just checked to see if whoever it was had posted yet and thought I’d just see who it was when they hadn’t at this late hour and whoops, me after all. Unfortunate really as I was up very early and had finished the crossword by 7.30.

A pizza was contained in today’s puzzle, a four seasons at 25A 1D with the seasons themselves neatly placed in the four corners. Very enjoyable though I didn’t think the seasons needed to be numbered. There are a couple that I don’t have complete explanation for, I wonder if anyone’s still looking to post comments!

1 SPRING – Double def. Obviously had to wait until at least one of the referred to clues was solved. Used this to solve 11 rather than the other way round as it happened.
4 SUMMER – Double def
9 TANG – TAN + G. Enjoyed this one. One end of sunbathing is the desired outcome, the other is the last letter
10 STEM GINGER – (GM GREENS IT)* never seen salad as an anagrind before but it seemed fine to me
13 ASPERGALE – AS PER GILL. Tricky but satisfying. The masses are church services rather than the proletariat. AA Gill is well-known for being thrown out of a Ramsay restaurant for a bad review
17 STEVEDORE – (EVE + D) in STORE, nice pun on dock but stevedore sprung to mind surprisingly quickly
22 VARESE – VA(RE)SE Too obscure for my meagre knowledge of composers but quite guessable with the V … and the R … oh alright I had to wait for the S too!
24 MINERAL OIL – (I MORE IN ALL) I’m not familiar with mineral oil but once petrol station went in I was looking for oil and pieced the rest together
25 FOUR SEASONS – I think I might go and order one once I’ve finished! Although it almost looks like a non-cryptic the “piece” is Vivaldi’s four seasons
26 AUTUMN – Hidden and reversed in Sun Mutual
2 REGAN – REGA(I)N one of King Lear’s ungrateful children
5 URGENT – A gent from Ur. I thought primitive was a little dismissive of Ur, it made me think Neanderthal rather than of an early civilisation
6 MENTIONED – MEN + TI(ON)ED As in “mentioned in dispatches”
7 RE-ENTRY – I assume this is a cryptic definition and that re-entry corridors are where spacecraft such as Apollo come back down. The corridor part didn’t chime with me but re-entry looked very comfortable beside Apollo
8 PETROL STATION – (SORT POTENTIAL)* tanks of fuel are referred to rather than the armoured giants on caterpillar wheels that are hinted at
14 EXTROVERT – EX + T(ROVER)T Always nice to see the famous Isle of Man TT races in a crossword. I wish I could train myself to think of that first when I see “island race” but it always takes me longer than it should!
16 PERDITA – P(TIRED)*A The daughter lost in a Winter’s Tale! Had to check the reference some time post-solving but the surface was clear.
19 RESCUER – (SECURE)* + an R from somewhere! I can imagine a winchman being aboard a helicopter and aiding the rescue but the other R looks like it has to come from take and I can’t see why! Any offers?

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  1. says:

    19D – R = take. It’s in Chambers, and is often found in the Listener, Azed etc. Apparently from the Latin recipe, I believe it’s alchemists’ notation. One you either know about or you have no chance of getting.

  2. says:

    5d is UR (from Chambers 9, prefix denoting primitive) plus GENT (man of means) – no ancient cities being sacked here.

    7d ‘RE-ENTRY corridor’ has its own definition in Chambers 9.

    18d is composed of diminutives VI/ VAL/ DI.


  3. says:


    Two things struck me as odd about this clue: a) the anagram indicator, which is surely just about at the limit, and b) the fact that r = take is being used in a daily cryptic, something I have never seen before.

  4. says:

    Nice thematic idea, I eventually decided, having worked out that “piece” in “piece of pizza” means “piece of music”. (Good precedent for this in the great Jack Nicholson film “Five Easy Pieces”.)

    Can understand people having problems in discovering Take=R. Because I sometimes solve weekend puzzles, I didn’t.

    Can’t remember what the anagram indicator in the RESCUER clue was. What was it? Anagram indicators generally seems like a good subject for discussion…

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