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Guardian 24035/Logodaedalus

Posted by linxit on March 27th, 2007


Solving time: roughly 15 mins in total, although work intervened a few times. It’s the first time I’ve solved a Logodaedalus puzzle, so I didn’t know what to expect. This one seemed quite approachable though, and I’ve only got issues with a couple of the clues. Most were quite straightforward, so there’s not a lot to write about.

9 MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD – the (6-2-3-4) gives it away, but what have crossword setters got against cats lately? We had DEAD CAT BOUNCE as the Nina in the Times RTC the other day too.
11 GUN,P.O.W.,DER=red rev. – but where’s the definition? “With a loud bang”? That doesn’t work for me – put it in a sentence as a replacement: “The bomb went off gunpowder”…
14 (s)UNHAT – not a word I’d ever come across before, but the meaning and wordplay are clear.
18 UNPEOPLED (end up,pole)* – took me far too long to work out what the anagram fodder was here.

2 MIDDLE-AGE SPREAD – inside=MIDDLE, condition=AGE, feast=SPREAD
7 BLOODTHIRSTIEST – (shirt I)* inside BLOOD TEST. 15-letter one-word answers are sometimes hard to get but I spotted this straight away.
8 DID,EROT=tore rev. – Denis Diderot, French writer.
13 TO(WE,LET)TE – is that one of those moist paper towel things?
15 S,CUPPER – I don’t like this one. A cup of tea is a cuppa, not a cupper.
17 SC,HIS,MS – sc is short for scilicet, Latin for “that is to say”.

7 Responses to “Guardian 24035/Logodaedalus”

  1. says:

    For 15AC I got “sweet” but I’m not sure. Also for 22AC I have “presentableness”, but I don’t see where the “ness” comes from.

  2. says:

    Quite agree about gunpowder and cuppa. I liked the O per A clue for OPERA, and wondered if it could somehow have worked without ‘entertainment’. But a few clues suffered from strained surface – it’s hard to see what “End up with pole bent? That’s not settled” could mean in what non-crossword people call ‘real life’.

  3. says:

    1a – COMPACT would have been more difficult if it had not cropped up in Rufus’s puzzle yesterday in more or less the same form!

  4. says:

    15AC – double definition, “taking” as in “fetching, cute etc”, and “another course”, e.g. dessert.

    22AC – gift=PRESENT, fit=ABLE, head=NESS.

    Ben, I knew I’d seen COMPACT before somewhere recently, but I couldn’t remember where from!

  5. says:

    Obviously the Guardian crossword editor couldn’t remember where s/he had seen the repetitive COMPACT too! It would not have been difficult to change to COMPART if s/he had remembered.

    Re 15d, found this reference on – spelling was new to me:

    WordNet – Cite This Source

    a cup of tea [syn: cuppa]

    As an aside, any chance of giving examples of how the XHTML tags work? My XHTML knowledge is non-existent and I don’t want to experiment and have it come out like some crossword clue from hell!

  6. says:

    Chambers gives the following:

    cuppa n (inf) a cup of tea.
    cupper n a cupbearer; a person professionally engaged in cupping.
    cupping n (med) (esp formerly) the application of cups from which the air is removed in order to draw blood to the surface of the skin.

    As for the XHTML, I’m not sure…I would’ve supposed that you could use pretty much any HTML tags successfully, but of the few they give as examples, some are unfamiliar to me. I used to do web development a few years ago but things have moved on obviously. The one difference I know is that XHTML is stricter than plain ol’ HTML – if a tag should have a string in quotes, they have to be there. Giving an example here would probably get it interpreted by the blog software and defeat the purpose. So I’ll try without the angled brackets… font color=red / font color=”red” – the first example might be ignored, the second would be OK. But it might depend on your browser too.

  7. vynbos says:

    It’s 5 years after the fact, but I can’t help but point out that 15d “cheering brew” is a clever hidden homonym that no-one here seems to have picked up. So kudos to L.dalus

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