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Independent 6378 by Virgilius – Deadly

Posted by nmsindy on March 27th, 2007


After 7 days of the Lenten season last week, this time Virgilius gives us the 7 deadly sins, familiar (in theory, of course) to most, I’m sure.     This made it an easy puzzle, with all but 4 solved in under 8 mins – then delayed by having miswritten one entry.     Again proving a puzzle can be very good and very easy at the same time.

Solving time:  13 mins 

* = anagram


7   OVERSLEEP    Excellent cryptic definition (Other things had come to mind before I got it.)

15  O UTD O    Utd abbreviation for Manchester UNITED in 0-0 draw.

16 SEVEN DEADLY SINS   (Evil say ends ends)*

20  SUCCESS (Hit) O R

23 ANGER    Refers to the seminal 50s play “Look Back in Anger” leading to the Angry Young Men, social change etc etc.

25 ENV(O)Y     Not love (O)

26 HAND (measure of horses) I CAPS


1  COVE TO US NESS     Ness = point is worth remembering

2 WEE D     Trickiest clue, I thought   wee = small  d = diameter or depth.    Defn = drug, on which its sister paper IoS has over the last few weeks reversed a campaigning liberal position it took in 1997.

3 O SIR IS    Egyptian deity you’ll meet in crosswords

4 HEADLINE   Phrenology = studying the head physically to ascertain mental faculties, not a science accepted by all…

5 GLUTTONY   Cryptic definition    consume = eat


12  TROUSER PRESS   Excellent cryptic definition with misleading context.    Bags = trousers

18  DOCTRINE    (Direction)* less i

20 S LOTH   a slow-moving mammal as well as one of the 16s

21 ET ALIA   Hidden (from Latin – literally “and others” et al for short)

22 Thomas GRAY (Elegy etc).    Normal US spelling of grey 

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  1. says:

    You nearly beat me – also struggled on WEED, taking 11:58.

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