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Guardian 24,036/ Gordius: A puzzle of two halves

Posted by michod on 28th March 2007


Can’t really give a time for this – I breezed through the top half in my head between two tube stops, and thought it’d be a breeze, but got bogged down at the bottom, where three (to me) unfamiliar words intersect, and cryptic definitions proliferate. Had to finish and blog at my desk – but enough of that: the FT reports today that prospective employers are checking applicants blog-sites before hiring them. You have been warned!

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Independent 6379 / Dac – tricky doubleton

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 28th March 2007


Solving time 8:40

About 50% slower than usual for Dac, with most trouble in the NE corner where I couldn’t get ‘Bye Bye’ out of my head for 6A, or quite understand 8D. Congratulations to Neil and Mrs W – seems apposite to celebrate a triple dubya on a website… And congratulations to Dac too – my Nina scan just before pressing “Publish” reveals the message “Dac’s two-hundredth” in the left and right column unches. Read the rest of this entry »

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