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Independent 6379 / Dac – tricky doubleton

Posted by petebiddlecombe on March 28th, 2007


Solving time 8:40

About 50% slower than usual for Dac, with most trouble in the NE corner where I couldn’t get ‘Bye Bye’ out of my head for 6A, or quite understand 8D. Congratulations to Neil and Mrs W – seems apposite to celebrate a triple dubya on a website… And congratulations to Dac too – my Nina scan just before pressing “Publish” reveals the message “Dac’s two-hundredth” in the left and right column unches.

1 DRAGSTER – St. in regard<=
6 SEE YOU = “C U”
10 CULLODEN – cull, D=500 in one*
13 O,VID.
14 ST(R.A.F.)E(w)
20 A,S,SUM,E
4 TOTAL RECALL – nice easy cryptic def.
6 SOL – realised after a while that it must be something from tonic sol-fa, and awaited the checking letters.
7 E,Co.NOMIES=(in some)* – cleverly worded charade/anag. combo
8 ONE-TIME – I think. EMI=record producer, so O?E/?IME is definite. Given that one-time = old and I can’t think of anything else that fits, I went for it. But I don’t see how to get from “broadcast” or “broadcast a” to ONET. Any offers?
15 A(R,TEMI=time*)SIA
18 ERA,SURE – Pop isn’t my bag, so I feel like Mr Justice Cocklecarrot, asking “Who?”.
21 MOR(ON)I,C – MORI is a polling organisation.
24 Cu,(t)RIA(l)

4 Responses to “Independent 6379 / Dac – tricky doubleton”

  1. says:

    Regarding 8D, we came up with ENO (Brian Eno) as the producer, and EMIT for broadcast.

  2. says:

    Well spotted, Pete. It is indeed Dac’s 200th crossword in the Independent. Congratulations to him for such consistent quality. He certainly merits a weekly spot and hopefully there will be at least another 200 to come.

    Jenny has correctly identified Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, celebrated record producer and former knob-twiddler in Roxy Music. In the early days of the glam rock ensemble my sister wrote him a fan letter and received a 13-page reply.

  3. says:

    Ta for explanations: if I’d spotted EMIT, I’d probably have got there – I may not know much about Brian Eno, but I do remember the name.

  4. says:

    I routinely look for these things now, but it was still a nice spot when I found it i.e Dac’s 200th (As Eimi’s said, here’s to the next 200).

    The modern references meant little to me, but I’d little doubt because the other halves of the clue gave them pretty unambiguously.

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