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Independent on Sunday 893 by Quixote – Quite easy

Posted by nmsindy on March 29th, 2007


No particular problem with this one, with the two longest words in the centre coming straightaway from the definitions.

Solving time: 12 mins


1 P SHAW The playwright George Bernard Shaw

2 E (C) LECTIC The last I solved. Definition is “broad” Electric = thrilling less r = right around c = Conservative

11 FILER Hidden reversal “In retrospect it’s a bit of”

21 UN (a foreign i.e. French for a) RAVEL (the composer)

23 O (B) S CURE Good misleading context. Definition is “cloak” very big = OS outsize (crossword staple) B = black. CURE with accent removed is the priest

25 TEENS Every second letter of “These ones” i.e. “regularly dropping out” and a nice &lit. to go with it.

26 S (US PIC) ION Sion = Zion

27 DISTRESS D (500 in Roman numerals) for M (1000) in Mistress


5 CUP (Cambridge University Press) PA (Personal Assistant)

6 E (o)FFEND I A crossword word – because of the final I – title of respect (Turkish)

8 C (‘ARRY) ALL Cockney = take away the initial h

14 IN (Jules VERNE) “starts to” Scandalise Some

15 A L (EH = what) OUSE



24 U (Superior = upper class) NI(x)ON

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