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Independent 6381 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on 30th March 2007


After yesterday’s super-difficult Bannsider, this was easier from Phi, with some pleasing clues and all is clear.

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Guardian 24038/Arachne – relieved

Posted by ilancaron on 30th March 2007


Solving time: 45′

Nice (comic?) relief from yesterday’s Independent for which I’ve exonerated myself for not knowing Nigella Lawson (she’s probably never heard of me after all). Some clever &lits and overall a pleasant aura of humour pervades.

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Inquisitor #12/Phi – Cousin R.I.P.

Posted by loonapick on 30th March 2007


Despite the sombre occasion which inspired the theme of Phi’s puzzle, this was an enjoyable crossword to solve.  The clues were not overly complex, and, despite taking an inordinate amount of time to work out the name we were looking for, my overall feeling is that I could have completed this much more quickly had I known the expression “cater cousin” and that u.s. = “as above” (see below).  I filled the grid in less than an hour, spent at least another hour agonising over the name of Phi’s deceased pet, and then another 20 minutes or so looking up (invaluable website) to find a word which could link the unthemed entris that I had worked out, before realising that I’d have got these much quicker by applying a bit of lateral thinking to the three long anagrammed entries.

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Independent 6376 / Nimrod – very Nimrod!

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 30th March 2007


A disadvantage of having Sloggers and Betters 2 on a Thursday was that we lost John Henderson (Nimrod and Enigmatist for those who don’t know) to a quiz night – depite being in a pub selling London Pride! I got the impression from eimi that this Saturday puzzle would be by Morph, who was there, so I was just a bit disappointed to see a different name.

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