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Independent 6376 / Nimrod – very Nimrod!

Posted by petebiddlecombe on March 30th, 2007


A disadvantage of having Sloggers and Betters 2 on a Thursday was that we lost John Henderson (Nimrod and Enigmatist for those who don’t know) to a quiz night – depite being in a pub selling London Pride! I got the impression from eimi that this Saturday puzzle would be by Morph, who was there, so I was just a bit disappointed to see a different name.

But not for long – this is Nimrod on top form, having some outrageous fun with words, and using another exotic grid – all but two of the downs are 15-letter answers, and (just as important) they’re not those popular 15-letter answers like MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Unless I’m being dense, there’s no theme or hidden message.

Solving time 9:39

1 O,PUS – as older readers will know well, “matter” is often used for PUS
4 MUSHROOMED – 2 meanings, the less obvious being derived from mushroom = ‘to gather mushrooms’
9 NOURISHING – I in (rough inns)* – solved from 19A, q.v.
11/20 D.(OWN) HILL – got my racing driver history wrong at first and thought “how does J. Button make a word?”, followed by “who was that bloke who came third in Australia?”.
13 COM(I,COPER)A – one = I, “who’s managing” = COPER
15 DRAG – TV = transvestite
19 NINE – classic bit of cheek here, the clue being “What’s nourishing baseball team”. As a late-night channel 5 viewer in the summer, I know there are nine in a baseball team, and the answer to 9A is ‘nourishing’ – so guessing this link got me two answers for the price of one.
21 N(O BLEW)O MAN – ref. “noblesse oblige” and “No man is an island”.  Whether ‘noblesse’ really does mean ‘noblewoman’ rather than or as well as ‘nobility’, I neither know nor care.
22 STUTTERERS – not the stammerers I initially guessed at, but 3D resolved this fairly easily.
23/14 TAKEAWAY – 2 defs, including “less” = subtract = “take away”
2 PHOTOJOURNALIST – (join author’s plot)*
3 SHRINK IN G.(VIOLE = (love I)*)T. – I guess this is a joke about John’s former life as a Psychology lecturer?
4 MASTER OF SCIENCE – (forensic teams)*,C.E.
5 SEIZURE = “sees you’re” – to anyone who wants to quibble about the homophone I say now: “I don’t care!”.
6 RIGHT-HANDEDNESS – cryptic def. based on the old-fashioned meaning of ‘dexterity’.
8 EXCLAMATION MARK – LA = look, in (income tax)*, record = MARK. So the def. is just “!”

4 Responses to “Independent 6376 / Nimrod – very Nimrod!”

  1. says:

    Sorry for misleading you, Pete. I’m often living in the future, thinking the week of crosswords I’ve just edited is the current week. And the beer didn’t help. Morph’s second crossword will be appearing this Saturday and I think it’s a gem.

  2. says:

    No problem – I suspect I also made some inaccurate statements in the last hour or so.

  3. says:

    My favourite was “Getting hot on the Circle Line?” EQUATORIAL

  4. says:

    It’s pangrammatic, by the way.

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