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Azed 1,817: A rare slip of the pen?

Posted by michod on 31st March 2007


When I made an error in a competition puzzle last year, after failing to confirm a guess in Chambers, Azed was kind enough to drop me a note pointing out my ‘lapsus calami’, with a gentle reminder of the importance of checking one’s work. But what the hell, nobody’s perfect, to err is human etc… 22 Across in this puzzle appears to give the definition of one word, and subsidiary indications for the word next to it in the dictionary. How did that happen? Did this clue wander in from some fiendish Easter special?

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Guardian 24,033/Paul (Sat 24 Mar) – Symphonious

Posted by rightback on 31st March 2007


Solving time: 10:36

The ‘same person’ referred to in the preamble is Ludwig van Beethoven: “E 1″, “O 1″ and “N 1″ refer cryptically to “Beethoven’s 3rd“, “6th” and “9th” symphonies (see 1dn), which are respectively known as the Eroica, Pastoral and Choral symphonies. Click the links for recordings of each, or here (with apologies for the video) to listen to Ode to Joy from the 9th Symphony which if I remember correctly was bizarrely chosen by the BBC as the theme tune for Euro ’96. Fortunately this masterpiece came along instead.

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