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Guardian 24,033/Paul (Sat 24 Mar) – Symphonious

Posted by rightback on March 31st, 2007


Solving time: 10:36

The ‘same person’ referred to in the preamble is Ludwig van Beethoven: “E 1″, “O 1″ and “N 1″ refer cryptically to “Beethoven’s 3rd“, “6th” and “9th” symphonies (see 1dn), which are respectively known as the Eroica, Pastoral and Choral symphonies. Click the links for recordings of each, or here (with apologies for the video) to listen to Ode to Joy from the 9th Symphony which if I remember correctly was bizarrely chosen by the BBC as the theme tune for Euro ’96. Fortunately this masterpiece came along instead.

The rest of the clues seemed more straightforward than usual for Paul, perhaps deliberately so to give the solver more of a chance of cracking the musical theme, which also extends to 5dn and 6dn. Some very good ones nonetheless, especially 13dn.

* = anagram, “X” = sounds like ‘X’.

1 SYLLABUB; rev. of BU(BALLY)S – ‘bally’ = ‘bloody’ rang only the faintest of bells.
2 HOODIE; [w]HO + rev. of (I DO) + [menac]E – a decent &lit, but 13dn is better.
15 YARD + I.E.
23 B + LACK + GUARD[ian] – great word, new to me, meaning a ‘contemptible scoundrel. (Pronounced /blaggard/ according to Chambers.)
25 BOOT – a jackboot is an old kind of boot reaching above the knee, originally worn by cavalry.
26 HOLLOW + AY – England’s largest women-only prison, and the site of the last execution of a women in Britain (Ruth Ellis in 1955).
1 SYMPHONY; rev. of (MY S[on]) + PHONY
5 FOR + TISS(I’M)O[t]
6 FIGARO – referring to Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro and Figaro, the Barber of Seville from Rossini’s opera who sings the fantastic aria Largo al Factotum, well worth a listen.
13 KARATE CHOP; RATE in (HACK)* + OP – a superb &lit, my favourite clue (“What requires speed in hack, perhaps, to work?“)
18 AGAR-AGAR; rev. of (RAGA) x 2
22 CUDDLE; CUD + (LADY – A)*

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