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Everyman 3156/live at Leeds

Posted by ilancaron on April 1st, 2007


Solving time: intermittent

Solved on and off on the tube last Sunday with only 18A refusing to yield until I got home. Not sure I’ve fully worked out the wordplay for EXTRAVAGANZA.


5 OBE,R,ON – The surface doesn’t make a lot of sense to me: “King’s award, right-on?” – not even in America I think.
9 S,HARP – Unsure which British musician named SHARP is being referred to — wikipedia has more than one: who’s the obvious choice?
12 GRAN,D,SLAM – Good clue (and incidentally it was my mother’s mother who died). GRAND SLAM ref. tennis and I think rugby and probably other sports.
13 D(R)OLL – clean wordplay but the surface seems a bit strained: what does “What’s right inside a child’s toy” mean?
14 EXTRAVAGAN[t],ZA[p] – def is “a show”. I think the wordplay means to remove T from EXTRAVAGANT and replace it with ZA[p]. But I could be wrong.
18 TRANSFER LIST – complex surface with complex wordplay: def is “This shows who may leave a club” and (s[on], first learnt)*
24 WHIRLIGIG – two meanings
25 STO(R)M – R in most*
27 REIN,DEER=rev(reed)


1 RESIGNED – quite different two meanings
3 RA(P)ID – often clued similarly.
4 NO OIL PAINTING – double/cryptic def. I quite liked defining a watercolour in terms of what it isn’t.
6 BULL,DOZER – one of my last answers: BULL and “bunk” both mean nonsense.
11 COMBAT FATIGUE – PC term now is PTSD — anyway, smooth surface with two meanings (one cryptic).
16 PINAFORE – well-hidden in “gaP IN A FOREst”.
17 ST(R)EAMER – typical way to clue this (same category as 3D). R is “centre of AntaRctic”.
19 THE WHO – first answer: blindingly obvious since the World Health Organization is invariably referred to as WHO.
20 ST,RIPE – I like “all set” cluing RIPE.
23 ISB(E)N – E in nibs*: v. popular cryptic dramatist.

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    This is I think Extravagant – t, zap mostly.

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