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Guardian Genius 45 by Araucaria – Italianate

Posted by bensand on 2nd April 2007


The trouble with blogging a monthly crossword comes if you don’t write your blog after solving.

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Independent 6383 by Mordred – Very tough

Posted by nmsindy on 2nd April 2007


I found this one very tough and there are some where I do not fully understand – some confirmed by a theme spotted late on – I refer to this after the clue explanations. (Thanks, Colin, in his notes 1 and 2 below, for explaining 4 and 5 down.)

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Guardian 24040/Audreus – where’s Rufus?

Posted by ilancaron on 2nd April 2007


Audreus has picked up Rufus’s Monday gauntlet with panache: a straightforward puzzle as befits Monday but nothing cliched nor run-of-the-mill. In particular, I like her charades (e.g. 8D, 16A) and a couple of nice anagrams (12A, 18A). Personally we could do with more Audreus rather than less.

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