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Guardian 24040/Audreus – where’s Rufus?

Posted by ilancaron on April 2nd, 2007


Audreus has picked up Rufus’s Monday gauntlet with panache: a straightforward puzzle as befits Monday but nothing cliched nor run-of-the-mill. In particular, I like her charades (e.g. 8D, 16A) and a couple of nice anagrams (12A, 18A). Personally we could do with more Audreus rather than less.


1 HOSEPIPE – (hippo, see)*. In spite of my accolades above, I wonder about “cramped” as an anagrind — it implies compression not mixture.
5 P(HOB)IC – One of my last clues: good clue with a couple of red-herrings (brownie cookie and snap has several meanings). But HOB as in hobgoblin I think, where brownie is also an elfin fairy.
9 SU(BED)ITOR – “On the contrary” indicates the converse in the cryptic reading. I had ????D?T?R and kept looking for ????DATER (since you’re hopeful about ending up in bed on a date presumably — at least that’s what I hear).
11 BRO(W)N – Ref. Eleanor BRON the actress (I remember her in “Help!”).
12 STREET-TRADER – (red setter, tar)*
18 ORANGE PIPS – (Spiro Agne[w],p)*. I think Spiro Agnew’s only legacy is to serve as anagram fodder.
25 R,HIN(ELAN)D – it’s over there
26 [h]EALING – ref. EALING comedies.
27 TE(ARLES)S – good surface and wordplay: ARLES (V. Gogh painted there) in set*.


1 HOST – quite different two meanings and was my last clue!
2 SUB,S – this must be right: rev(bus=transport) but not sure why SUBS is “advances”?
6 H(I,BE,RN)AL – nice word to have worked out (def: “of a winter”). Ref. Prince HAL.
7 B(LOO,DH)OUND – Ref. DH Lawrence and using the LOO.
8 CENT,RE,FOLD – def is “Inside spread” (inside not indicating containment for a change). FOLD is a rather religious term for “congregration”.
13 SH,R(O,VET)IDE – not my forte the Easter season but I’m guessing that there are three holy days that comprise SHROVETIDE.
14 BREAST WALL – Sadly unrelated to breasts: simply a retaining wall.
17 AG(RA)R,IAN – IAN’s our man this time: RA in rag* — and def is just “of the land” not “man of the land”.
22 CAME[o]

4 Responses to “Guardian 24040/Audreus – where’s Rufus?”

  1. says:

    Hi everyone, back in the la-la land of the living again.

    Agreed about Audreus, who is I think now the Guardian’s longest serving setter. Her puzzles are a joy to solve and are always fair and contain the right measure of wit and warmth.

    However, it usually means that Junior (Shed) is in tomorrow and he’s a different kettle of fish!

  2. says:

    A sub is a loan or advance on money owing to you. It can also be used as a verb – as in ‘can you sub me till the end of the week’. I thought it might be related to subvention, but Chambers has it as short for subsistence money.
    An enjoyable puzzle, generally straightforward, though 16ac. STROGANOFF (NAG ORTS

  3. says:

    Held up by putting down SIBERIAN for 6d when I had a few checking letters – moral: read the clue properly!

    I am surprised by Chambers definition for SUBS – I always thought it was short for ‘subscriptions’.

  4. says:

    Centre Fold is two words, not one

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