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Independent on Sunday 894 by Quixote – Easy

Posted by nmsindy on April 5th, 2007


I found this one quite straightforward

Solving time: 11 mins

* = anagram


5 PAL ELY Our old friend see = ely “Coming to the fore” means put “pal” before it.

6 AL (Capone)L OUT A familiar gangster who also appeared in this puzzle a week or two ago. A cricket team has eleven, but they bat in pairs so “ten dismissed” means “all out” as the eleventh man has no partner.

8 PALM SUNDAY (A madly spun)* The Sunday before Easter – the day the puzzle appeared. Rare use of a nounal anagram indicator (puzzle).

14 A (P) RIL (F OO) L Centrepiece of the puzzle which appeared on 1 April. More cricket 00 is a pair i.e. bowled out for no runs in both innings F = female P = quiet

21 BAR B(eer) e’er = ever = always

24 L A GOON L = lake reduced to mininum


2 F(L)OUNDER L = lake again (abbrev)

3 P (LAY) UP

4 PO (Stage) H hop reversed

5 whiP LATER A plater = average horse in, say, selling plate.


9 DOOM-LADEN Doom is hidden in To-DO OMinous so the phrase could be said to be laden with doom

15 A FLAT MAJOR Musical key (Favourite clue)

16 D (ER) AIL The Irish equivalent of the House of Commons (pronounced Doyle)


19 TURN ON Defn = make operational Wordplay – if you turn on, you get no (limited number)

22 BO (G) Y

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 894 by Quixote – Easy”

  1. says:

    ‘Puzzle’ in 8A was intended to be read as an intransitive verb. I don’t do nounal anagram indicators, do I?

    I note the label ‘easy’, but remember that I am generally trying to cater for some who are used to solving The Observer’s Everyman, so what is easy for NMS (to whom I remain grateful!) may not be easy to someone in the crosword foothills. That said, I may throw in the odd tougher clue or whole puzzle. We need puzzles that the ordinary solver can enjoy, as well as the keen and very able solvers who tend to be prevalent on websites such as this.

  2. says:

    I agree entirely with Quixote.

    The “easy” was purely in relative terms in that 11 mins is a fast solve for me. I also find that solving time is not directly related to enjoyment derived. Compared to some blogging on this site and on Peter B’s, I’m not that fast a solver at all. I do Everyman only occasionally – I always felt it was the easiest cryptic (as its title suggests). I tend to find it easier than Quixote in the IoS.

    There was a time when I thought the Quixote IoS puzzle was pitched at an easier level than the daily Indy and I think that may be true again now, esp with more themed puzzles in the daily. So far this year my average solving time is about 30 mins with about 20 mins for the weekly regulars (Virgilius, Dac, Phi and Quixote).

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