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Independent 6387 by Phi: 6:5 Special

Posted by nmsindy on April 6th, 2007


A theme to this – referred to after the clue explanations

Solving time 6+5 mins i.e. 11 mins


10 SCAN(t)

11 GENERATION (one creating)* less c = about “not about”

12 C (LOSE) T ct = court, worth remembering


15 S (EAR) CH Ear = attention Sch = school Ear used twice in this puzzle

20 AM ENDERS AM ends at noon

22 PIER CE Church can be CE or CH (both used in this puzzle)

24 S (swilL)OW

26 ONE-PIECE A bikini has two. Queen = chesspiece


1 HER (woman’s) CULES (clues)* I think Phi set Listener puzzles a while back with the labours of Hercules as theme

2 EAR N The second “ear”, this time clued as “musical ability”

5 EASTERTIDE (resite date)* movable as it changes date every year, unlike e.g. Christmas

6 NO (GOO) D Nod = agreement

8 C (AN) OPY Slightly surreal surface

13 SE (A AN) EMONE Appear entire = Seem one


18 ENCROA CH (one car)* the other church

21 MAINL(and) penurY Unusual. More than half = 5/8.

22 PUTTER Contexts of golf and shot-put

24 SUIT “Diamonds, say, do very nicely!” Favourite clue. Double definition, cards, with “say” used as it’s just one example of a suit.

Theme: Look at the top row (6 letters) and the bottom row (last 5 letters). Chosen for the day, Good Friday, I guess.


3 Responses to “Independent 6387 by Phi: 6:5 Special”

  1. says:

    I have to say that it wasn’t submitted for Good Friday – indeed, I wasn’t even thinking about Easter when I set it. Though I see EASTERTIDE was in it – I sometimes wonder what would happen if I actually thought while I did these things…

    You may want to have another look at 21 down to get a deliberately (but necessarily) concealed element to the theme – I didn’t really want the first square on the bottom row to feel out of it.

    If anyone has a pristine copy of the published version, I’d like to know, as my usual source had problems.

  2. says:

    I did agonise for a while before posting as to whether the Y had a role – and very carefully analysed MAINLY which was the last clue I understood. I thought maybe HEAVEN and EARTH. I think y is Spanish for and but can think of nothing else. As always, elucidation wd be appreciated.

  3. says:

    A thought that came later was maybe take the LY in mainly to get HEAVENLY and EARTH.

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