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Guardian 24,046/Rufus – another CD collection

Posted by loonapick on April 9th, 2007


When you see that the compiler is Rufus, you know you are in for a glut of cryptic defintions, some more cryptic than others, and today’s puzzle had seven or eight of them, as well as a couple of “double definition” style clues. I’m in the camp that prefers to see a limited number of CDs in a puzzle. If they are good, they can make the puzzle fun – if not so good, they leave the solver feeling a little short-changed. I’ll let solvers make their own minds up about today’s selection.ACROSS

8 PAVEMENT – first across clue, first CD – a pavement artist does indeed colour flag(stone)s.

11 AUDIENCE – double definition, kinda

13 PATISSERIE – (spare site I)*

15 STAND TO (reason)

16 PILLAGE – PIL(LAG)E – I wasn’t sure at first about the “of” before “booty” – it implies to me that you are looking for a adjective describing “of booty”, or at least a noun meaning “booty” rather than the verb you end up with, but then I realised that PILLAGE is also a noun, so it just about passes muster.

23 LOVELY – (volley)* – nice one

24 GLADSOME – (dog’s meal)*


1 WASTE NOT WANT NOT – “to husband” in the sense of “to save”

2 TEMPERANCE HOTEL – a good CD, if rather easy

3 FEVER PITCH – (viper)* in FETCH – FETCH = “bag” might be stretching it a bit


5 ACED – a not very crypic cryptic definition…

6 FAREWELL ADDRESS – …followed by another

7 KNOCKING-OFF TIME – another CD, but this one’s a bit better

14 SPIDER CRAB – (crispbread)*

17 PROTEGE – another CD

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