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Guardian 24,050, Gordius: Am I hotep or notep?

Posted by michod on April 13th, 2007


An averagely-hard  Friday puzzle, I’d say – took 25 minutes or so of a somewhat stop-start tube journey. A couple I had to guess in the absence of reference works, including 8 Across, which had me stumped for a while.


1. EXPERT ADVICE. EXPECT VARIED*. Not a greatly changed anagram, but sufficiently disguised within the clue.

8. I’M HOT PE<. The ancient Egyptian Imhotep, I now know, was the first physician and architect known by name. Unable to find a homonym for ‘I’m knackered’ that would fit, I eventually managed to break the clue down.

19. TALL INN. Capital of Estonia.

11. CENTRAL. I know I was on the tube, but is this not a bit obvious?

12. STAINER. 19th century English composer and organist with whose works I’m afraid I am not familiar. 

16. AUTOMATON. AMOUNT TO A*. I’m not sure the grammar quite works here, it feels a bit awkward.

19. (thin)GUMMY. Nice idea, though I don’t think the word ‘which’ is necessary.

21. IMMERSE. Double definition, except it’s actually two definitions of the same sense of the word, which makes it like an extra-kind quick crossword clue, telling you which meaning of the definition word you’re looking for!

24. GERMAIN(e). Is this a shoot? It sounds like it could be. Anyway, Germaine Greer’s the only celeb feminist famous enough for reality TV, so it must be her.

26. ULYSSES GRANT. The 18th president of the USA, he was also a civil war general. The old traveller being Ulysses.


2. PETER ED. Peter’s slang for a safe, which crops up quite often.

5. V(ILL)AIN. ‘Does his dirty work’ = ill?


10. NURSERY RHYME. Very nice clue – nursery rhymes with bursary, at least for me. Anyone here pronounce the ‘a’?

15. PU(NI)SHING. I wasn’t expecting ‘over’ to mean around. Is that normal?

18. MAR GAYS. It’s the long-tailed spotted cat, similar to an ocelot. Which gives me the excuse to share a joke that was in the paper last week.

-How do you titillate an ocelot?

– Oscillate it’s tit a lot.

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  1. says:

    11ac CENTRAL may be obvious to you but not to me, south of the equator.

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