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Independent 6388 by Nimrod

Posted by nmsindy on April 13th, 2007


Nimrod is Nimrod: got almost everything, I think.

Solving time: 17 mins (quick for me for Nimrod)

* = anagram


1 M I A OW Mow is a pile of hay

4 TIN-OPENER Not fully understood but must be right “One attempting to break into preserve” But exposed = open and the rest is TINER, the same letters as in 12.

9 AS H

10 R OAST That’s good

11 EXTENSION e.g. an extension lead (is next one)* Not top quality on crossword grammar but I think “order” is an imperative verb here.

12 INTER Bury screams inter to me. Harold (P)inter.

18 OR PH (public house = boozer) AN AGE

15 MASSAGE PARLOURS “More than one manipulator” tells you it’s plural. Anag of (grasps me) and (arousal)

19 SPANISH CIVIL WAR (w = with + rival Inca ships)* Unlike some of the other anagrams in this puzzle, this surface seemed to have no particular connection with the answer – a war which, quite apart from what was involved locally, had wider ideological significance as World War II approached.

21 ALA (N B ATE) S Ate = worried

24 EC (LA) T

25 EN (CHIL(e))ADA A Dane “a European on return”

26 THONG Hidden

27 MAE Hidden reversal in an across clue indicated by “from East”. It’s the actress Mae West (you’ll meet her again)

28 BRASSIERE Bristol is slang for breast, apparently based on rhyming slang from one of Bristol’s two football teams.

29 R (HE) UM


1 MAR (TIN MAn)S Refers to Wizard of Oz (1939) IMHO one of the best films of all time in which the Tin Man featured.

2 ANA STASI A Ana = anecdotes etc (advanced crossword solvers have met it)

3 WA(I)TER TAX I That has to be the answer, I think, but I can’t find it in any of my dicts so it was good it had friendly wordplay. It may be well known to many, but it’s new to me.

4 THE LOVE THAT DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME From Lord Alfred Douglas (1896) A gigantic 30 letter anagram – with excellent surface.

6 P AND A i.e. PA Animal found in China.

7 NAIRA Clever with cunning join between over and 100 A RIAN(T) = laughing upwards. A naira (Nigerian currency = 100 kobo)

8 RANGE Subtle ANGER with the R “ultimate in sin” peaking i.e. going to first

14 GAR Hidden in both.


17 UNWELCOME Very good “Top down” = take off the first letter of down and make an anagram with clue + me = Nimrod.

18 STRATAGEM “Mega-tarts” reversed!

20 PAL “Lap” up

21 ACE RB(Sheridan) Richard Brindsley Sheridan (1751-1816)

22 ACCRA AC CR upon A Capital of Ghana.

23 Sir Arthur BLISS (1891-1975)

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