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Independent 6393/Phi

Posted by neildubya on April 13th, 2007


My first blog after a two and a half week break away from crosswords and luckily for me and my sleep-deprived brain, it’s a Phi. I did actually manage to solve a few puzzles during my paternity leave but they took about twice as long as usual due to baby-related interruptions.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow bloggers for minding the shop for me while I was away and ensuring that posts kept appearing on a regular basis. Thanks to all our readers and commenters too, for not minding too much if a post was late or didn’t appear at all. A full service resumes next week.

9 (BARLEY HOP)* – excellent clue with a misleading surface.
11 W,ANS in SEA
16 (MANIPULATE T(h)E,NET)* – I’d never heard of this before but it wasn’t too tricky to work out. The checked letters I had suggested a word ending in -ULTIMATE, which in turn suggested PENULTIMATE. After that, it’s just a matter of seeing what letters are left over in the anagram fodder and coming up with the most likely combination.
19 I’D< SPENSER – Edmund Spenser (who’ll be very familiar to Azed solvers) is the “prominent Elizabethan”.
23 T,CARTER< – I filled this in without really understanding it but looking at it again I can see that it’s quite a clever clue.
24 U in (per)USAL
1 (H ACROSS BED)* – the other kind of mating.
7 AL(l) in HERD
17 REAM in PB,LE – another one I filled in without really understanding. “Lead” is the misleading bit here as it refers to the metal (whose chemical symbol is Pb).
18 ART in A LACE – another one I really liked because the surface reading is completely convincing and misleading.
20 HAM in SUS
22 G,RUB
23 A in ROM or O in RAM – another excellent clue. RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read-only Memory) are two different types of computer memory.

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