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Independent 6382 / Morph – better late than never

Posted by petebiddlecombe on April 14th, 2007


Solving time: 15 mins?

In a bit of blogging confusion I asked eimi for a copy of a puzzle I’d thrown away and thought I had to blog. He sent it with this one, which we haven’t covered, and a report on the other puzzle has already been written by someone else. So here’s Morph’s second Indie puzzle – low on obscure answers, high on challenging wordplay in the Monk/Nestor/Bannsider style.

1 SEA(OW)L – a new kind of fish for me, but advanced cryptic solvers will not be surprised by yet another word that can follow “sea”. And a SEAL is of course an apposite type of predator.
11 TONED,E,AF = F.A.<=
15 SOUNDBITE – I in (bends out)* – “spinner” used very cleverly here
17 SKINT,ETST=sets* – tests for allergies and the like involve scratches
18 A.D.,i.e.,U – putting two defs into a convincing surface is a nice trick
19 OP,PO,NE,NT – a neat assembly of cryptic xwd standards
21 GEL – 2 meanings
24 TOU=out*,LOUSE,LAUTREC=(cut,L,ear)* – with ref. to Van Gogh in the surface
1 SUR(R)E,A-LIST – watch out for a new to BLISTER or CYCLIST borrowing this idea
2 A,N,A,MORPH,I/C = relating to visual distortion, as in a curved mirror, or presumably, the edges of a TV picture.
5 HARD AND FAST RULE – nice CD (or maybe “cryptically extended def” – “rigid prescription” is a fair def. on its own.)
6 LOOM – 2 defs
7 RODE = “road”
8 HYPNOSIS = (is phony’s)* – ‘game’ was the AI – presumably in the sense “lame”. Pushing things a bit, but not a difficult clue.
12 RISING TROT – see Collins rather than Chambers for the detail. Morph has mentioned his daughter’s horsey interests once or twice, so maybe he picked up some equine argot from her.
16 UNSEEMLY – U = “for all to see”, L in (yes men)*
22 O,TIC = “tick”
23 BULB = blub<=

3 Responses to “Independent 6382 / Morph – better late than never”

  1. says:

    Pete…you and the other bloggers use the term clue ‘surface’ a lot…can you explain what you mean by this?

  2. says:

    The “surface meaning”, in full, is what the setter is trying to get you to think about. So in 20D, “Attack filmed by TV cameras”, Morph is trying to get you to think of something like a TV news story about a battle. That’s the surface meaning – you have to “go deeper” to see that he’s really talking about onset=attack and “on set” = filmed by TV cameras.

  3. says:

    The convention, and it’s a good one, is that, as well as the clue working cryptically, i.e. generally with a definition and wordplay, it should make sense as a piece of English. This makes clues pleasant to read as well as giving opportunities for misdirecting the solver.

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