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Azed 1819 – making haste fairly slowly

Posted by petebiddlecombe on April 15th, 2007


Solving time c. 45 mins in two sittings (without Chambers), but one mistake (or maybe more – see 8D).

I’m surprised more crossword setters haven’t had fun with clues for FESTINA LENTE (35A).

1 ALBANY HERALD – (a ballad Henry)*. The only other herald I think I can remember is the something Poursuivant -
9 ALLOPURINOL – all, N in (pour oil)* – an anti-gout drug
13 TIGE – “I get” with T moved to the front
20 OPHITIC – hit in (cop I)* – relating to the sect who get friendly with snakes on the basis of one verse of the Bible.
21 A1,R(B)ATH – yet another type of carriage – from India this time
27 PA(R,ADO)S – earthworks protecting against a rear attack – when I looked in the big red book I was hoping for a bit of armour or clothing
30 TENDS – (ten d., s.) which would be 1/10 in LSD.
31 FUCI – comp. anag – ((French cuisine) – (inn cheers))*
33 TO,EA – there are 100 toeas to the kina in Papua New Guinea. (I had “noea”, hoping that ‘no’ was the currency)
34 GRESSORIOUS – ESSO in rigours* – it means “adapted for walking”
1 A(MENG)LASS – meng/ming/menge = mix/mixed, and an amen-glass apparently bore a Jacobite inscription such as “God save the King”.
2 LA(RIA)M – another drug, and a ria is a drowned valley forming an estuary – the name comes from NW Spain, but the best-known UK examples are in Devon and Cornwall.
3 BLU(N.G.)E – to mix something like clay with water – a mixture of ‘blend’ and ‘plunge’
4 NO(VAT I)AN – relating to the third century anti-pope Novatianus, who was tough on the lapsed.
5 HU(ll),L(ea)K
8 LO(G)OS – I think – but I can’t justify loos=major conflict.
10 PARE,O – (or pareu, for future reference)
18 SHORT-OIL = “shore toil” – varnish with a low proportion of oil, so quick-drying
19 ABLE(IS)T – the bleak = ablet is a fish
22 RANCES – hidden word
24 A D(NO)UN

2 Responses to “Azed 1819 – making haste fairly slowly”

  1. says:

    8d : I think Loos is a reference to the Battle of Loos in the first world war.

    Thanks for all the hard work, though!

  2. says:

    Thanks – I should have tried a Wikipedia search after drawing a blank in C.

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