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Guardian 24053 / Pasquale – All-round Good Fun!

Posted by tilsit on April 17th, 2007


Solving Time: 20 mins (although aone explanation baffles me)
Gosh, it seems such a long time that I’ve been here, after stays in and out of hospital. I was dreading getting a real stinker today as my solving has been a bit awry recently but I was pleasantly surprised to see that today’s Guardian was by the ever dependable Pasquale.

While under the care of the NHS my solving times drifted somewhat but it was nice to do this one in just on 20 minutes.

No real quibbles with any of the clues, apart from the very last down clue, although one or two did hold me up as I went off in another direction, for me, the mark of a good puzzle.

9  RAW SIENNA    ANNE IS WAR (R) – I kept thinking of Sienna Miller for some reason, then the penny dropped!
10 TUNER    Cryptic definition.
11 ELM TREE        Nice clue –  ELSTREE with M for S (“male not special”)
12 HEAD OFF    Ref:  Lewis Carroll –  “Off with his head”
13 WHIN     Effect= WIN with H for Horse (in the drug sense) inside.
14 ANGEL FALLS    Thanks to Mr McKenna –  “Fallen angels become devils”
16 OARLESS    LOSES* around AR
17 CORELLI    CELLIST minus ST with OR inside
19 PARCEL POST    A lovely anagram to complement the clue.
22 MOAN     O in MAN
24 CLANGER    C + (Justin) LANGER – not at the World Cup – but it makes no difference – they are still likely to waltz off with the title!
25 CORDIAL    COR! (Expression of surprise!) + DIAL (face)
26 EXIST    EST (abbr. for established) around XI (eleven = team)
27 DONATIONS    NATIONS following DO

1  GREEN WOODPECKER      Actress Joan Greenwood (Larry O’Luvvier’s wife) + PECKER.  Glad it wasn’t Private Eye, I shudder to think what the clue might have read.
2  SWAMPIER    Seen on Countdown last week (I am recording an appearance on the show next week!) SWAM + PIER
3  FIBRE    B = Black surrounded by FIRE
4  INTERNES    This held me up a little –  hadn’t seen it spelt this way –  Chambers gives it as N American.  Homophone clue  “IN TURNS”
5  DAPHNE     END (R) around APH –  A P HERBERT of “Misleading Cases” fame.  There’s a lovely case about crosswords.  If you haven’t seen it, feel free to mail me, it’s a hoot.
6  STRATFORD     Hmmm….  Slight quibble isn’t  “Theatrical place” STRATFORD ON AVON?  Anyway I’m being petty.  DARTS (River’s) (R) around FORT*
7  IN FOAL    Very amusing – a HACK is a horse and a journalist – nice misleading surface reading of this clue.
15 SERENGETI    Lovely “& Lit clue” The SERENGETI could be described as a “Wild Green Site” and it’s an anagram of Green Site! 
21 PARADE    PARA (Soldier) + DE (Half DEAD)
23 BROTH    BROTHER minus ER –  This confused me as, of course, Esau sold his birthright for the “mess of pottage” (soup /broth).  Does the question mark mean that this surface is a little dodgy?
All in all, a pleasant solve over breakfast.  Thanks to Pasquale!

3 Responses to “Guardian 24053 / Pasquale – All-round Good Fun!”

  1. says:

    5A: clue was “Outside front of radio, this could be something rotating”. More than a CD – also a cleverly worded set of instructions on how to get TU(R)NER, so another &lit. Equally baffled by the apparent OT role swap in 23D.

  2. says:

    Avon? I assumed 6 down was referring to the Theatre Royal in Stratford, east London!

  3. says:

    The Church Times editor apologises for swapping brothers! The fact that I ‘checked’ the clue several times …

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