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Independent 6397 by Dac – Top quality

Posted by nmsindy on April 18th, 2007


Another excellent puzzle by Dac and they don’t have to be hard to be good.

Solving time: 11 mins

* = anagram




15 ARIA Alternate letters – indicated by “regularly”

18 LA ROC HE’LL E Coral (girl’s name) reversed

22 COPPED OUT “Cop” “Tout” indicated by “reportedly”

24 E-MAIL Hidden reversal indicated by “recalled”

26 GROOVY Older readers will remember these, played by a needle on the grooves as the record revolved, before technology advanced.


1 STAGGERING “Visible result of too much booze? Shocking” A great fun clue – double definition

2 RE(a)GAN King Lear’s daughter (Shakespeare). President Reagan.

3 CANBERRA B in (ran race)* Capital of Australia. Miler Sir Roger Bannister chosen, I guess, to fit with the words in the anagram fodder

5 IMPRESSIONISTS Another brilliant double definition.

6 BR (END) A Bra = supporter Definition = female. No mention of Bristol but then, this ain’t a Nimrod puzzle.


14 Dizzy GILL ESPIE(d)

16 WHEATEAR One = a in (weather)* Great misleading surface.

3 Responses to “Independent 6397 by Dac – Top quality”

  1. says:

    What was the significance of ‘solicitor’ in 22 across?

    Nice site, BTW – I’m just beginning to try to solve cryptics, this is a big help when I get stuck – which is most days!

  2. says:

    Keep at it, Jon. Dac’s crosswords are a very good place to start.

    In 23 Across, solicitor is used to mean ‘one who touts.’ Therefore, the whole is a homonym for COP TOUT. It works if you say it quickly enough.

  3. says:

    Ah, thanks – I get it now.

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