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Independent on Sunday 896 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on April 19th, 2007


The usual satisfying fare.

Solving time: 15 mins

* = anagram


1 PLAYED OUT “Play” “doubt” “said”

9 R (E) ICH STAG e is the most common letter in English so abbreviations for it you will see often, such as e for energy. The German Parliament up to the end of the Weimar Republic in 1933 – now it’s the Bundestag.

11 Yuri G (AGA) RIN The first person in space. Aga = governor (Turkish). Remember it.

13 PATIENCE “Patients” Defn = game (cards)

16 ON SIDE Cricket. Two sides to the cricket field: on (or leg) and off. A sweep shot is one of those made towards the leg side.


21 PAN (face) ACE (very good) A

26 THE ((OS) (OP)) H Y Two useful crossword staples here.   OS = outsize i.e. “very large” op. = work from Latin opus used for a musical work.


2 ANGORA   r for l in Angola.    I learned from this that Angora (which I’d always associated just with wool) is the old name for Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

3 ELECTRA COMPLEX   In crossword speak this answer could mean (as part of a clue) “make an anagram of Electra” – hence treacle.    cf Oedipus complex

7 MID GET   “Upset” teg dim


17 SUNRISE    “Nurse is collapsing – now after night duty?”    (Nurse is)*  Very good, indeed, linking the definition back to the wordplay and raising a smile.   My favourite clue.

19 A L(Theatre)AIR    A star (in the heavens).   If memory serves, this was the pseudonym of a Guardian setter.

20 HANG-UP    Good.   Communicating refers to the phone.

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