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Guardian 24056/Taupi

Posted by linxit on April 20th, 2007


Solving time: 33:07

I found this tough going, and in the end had to resort to the dictionary to finish it as there were a couple of words I’d never heard of. Also a lot of dodgy clues, unless there’s some subtlety I’m missing!

1 MICHAELMAS,DA(IS)Y – first set of brackets in the clue are there to mislead. At first I thought that one of the days in the clue was superfluous, but the archangel’s feast day is just called Michaelmas, so it is necessary.
9 D(EBUT(tube rev))ANTE – I thought “new one” was a very loose definition. Expected to be looking for a second poet’s name as the answer.
10 S,(v)IGIL
12 IMP,AS TO – “Mischievous child…” would have been better. IMP = child doesn’t work for me.
13 ROE – Seems to be a straight definition – hard roe are fish eggs, soft roe the male fish testis containing mature sperm.
17 RETSINA (anag) – have to read this as “Rum inater’s”. Very dodgy, as ruminater isn’t even a word. Not even Araucaria would get away with this!
19 TUS(SOC)K – again a very loose definition. Wordplay OK, but “dense group” = TUSSOCK?!
22 SATANIC – definition is “about Dickens”, as in “what the dickens” = “what the devil”. Don’t understand the wordplay.
25 EPIC,E,N,E – one I had to look up to check.
26 AQUARIA – a barb is a type of fish, so it would swim rather than fly. Nice deceptive CD, if you allow “cases” for aquaria, which I suppose is just about OK.
30 DISPROPORTIONAL (I’d poor part lions)*, &lit. Good clue.

1 MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD – i.e. th(ERO)ad – answer is a clue to “ero”.
3 ANTONY,M – Mark Antony, M(ark)
5 A,T(EL)IER – EL = elevated railroad, also sometimes just L, very common in cryptics.
6 D,ASH,POT=top* – have to split tree=ASH, top’s somehow=POT. Another one I had to look up too, and last to go in.
7 INGESTION (“in jest yon”)
8 YELL,O’,WAR,CHANGE,L – the archangel being Michael for the purposes of 1 across. Never heard of this, another name for the yellow dead-nettle, which I’d also never heard of!
15 RUSTINESS – ST in (sunrises)*. Surface doesn’t make much sense, but I like the definition.
20 OPEN AIR (in opera)* – Definition + anagram + definition.
21 K(N,E,E)CAP – (pack rev) around three compass points.
23 TSUNAMI – I,M(AN)UST all reversed.

6 Responses to “Guardian 24056/Taupi”

  1. says:

    I agree – a real toughie. In the absence of a dictionary, I filled the grid with several wrong guesses, including DEBUTONNE (TUBE

  2. says:

    Don’t know why that cut out half way through – try again:
    I filled the grid with several wrong guesses, including DEBUTONNE (TUBE

  3. says:

    rev in DONNE). Maybe I’ll put him in Wiki: Louis Debutonne, (1721-1792 guillotined during french revolution.

  4. says:

    You sure there’s any such person? He doesn’t even come up on a Google search! The problem you had on your first two attempts was because the blog software interprets the < and = characters as the start of a tag for some reason.

  5. says:

    Sorry, I think the joke was lost in the guillotining of my comment. He doesn’t exist, so I had to invent him!

  6. says:

    22Ac: I read this as AT AN in SIC, with ‘Editor’s so’ = SIC, ‘by’ = AT, ‘article’ = AN, and ‘consumed’ the containment indicator – but I could be wrong.

    One of those puzzles that seem deliberately designed to antagonize the Ximeneans!

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