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Independent 6394/Nestor

Posted by neildubya on April 21st, 2007


Another corker from Nestor, with lots of clever and original stuff going on.

11 (st)AR,GUE(st) – very nice surface reading for this one.
12 (TO A DUNCE)* – the first one I filled in as it’s a fairly easy spot.
13 BARB<,ANTI,O – had to “refresh my memory” using Google to get this although the wordplay isn’t too tricky.
14 “bAyOu” mixed in with THE
16 CHARACTER ACTOR – I’m not a big fan of cryptic defs but I liked this one. A pun on the definition of “card” as a person who is odd or amusing or “quite a character”.
21 U-BOAT – the (1-4) enumeration gives this away but it took me a while to work it out and I was oddly reluctant to fill it in until I’d done so. It’s O (love) in TABU< (alternate spelling of “taboo”).I loved the intriguing surface reading too.
26 TITLE – 22A is TIGHT so “tight will” becomes “tight’ll” which sounds like TITLE. Clever.
28 (PONY S(h)O(w))*
2 MAG,MA(g) – another good surface reading and an excellent device (“almost completing second issue”) to indicate MA(g)
3 OPERAGOER – I’m sure this is right but the wordplay is lost on me. “Poetically ended” must be O’ER but that’s all I can work out.
4 SORT,CEPS (going up),(OPTICS)* – excellent clue.
16 H in COOL in SAGE – I nearly filled in SCHOOL DAY without bothering to workout the wordplay.
17 TEA FOR TWO – excellent definition (“Day’s filming included this”) referring to the film starring Doris Day but I can’t work out the wordplay – any offers?
19 REEFER – I think this is right but I’m not sure. A reefer is a cannabis cigarette and a person who reefs a sail and I think the clue is referring to both meanings. So, “Rolling with a bit of blow coming in” refers to rolling a cigarette and adding blow (that’s slang for cannabis, kids) and a ship rolling the waves with the wind getting up. Very subtle, assuming I’ve read it right.

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  1. says:

    TEA FOR TWO TEA(m) FORT (possible battle scene) WO Without Supporting tells us put the TEA first. Never heard of the film till now, thought of it as a 30s song.

  2. says:

    3Dn: Can’t remember the precise wording of this clue, but the wordplay worked as RAG (music) between OPE (poetic word for ‘open’) and O’ER (poetic word for ‘over’).

    Another superb puzzle from a setter already proving himself to be among the Indy’s very best.

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