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Everyman 3159/Irish cricket?

Posted by ilancaron on April 22nd, 2007


Solving time: 45’

I actually fell asleep solving this – not because the puzzle was boring, simply due to jet-lag (or as my aunt would say, let-jag). Probably unintended but a couple of Irish clues and cricket clues might be a way of suggesting that Ireland is doing surprisingly well at the World Cup.


1 DASH – two meanings: the second as in “I’m running the 60 yard DASH”.
3 STAGE,CRAFT – “put on” is STAGE.
9 W(R)EN – my last clue: R (“king”) in rev(new=original). And WRENs were (are?) women who served in the Royal Navy
11 COMMONPLACE BOOK – straightforward charade for COMMONPLACE BOOK which I wasn’t familiar with.
13 S,URGE,ON – Not a bad clue: good surface and surprising definition: “one used to working in the theatre”. Hands up if you thought it was the other kind of theatre.
14 SAT(I)E –ref. Erik SATIE, French composer.
17 A,C,CLAIM – requisite apposite cricket clue given the World Cup.
20 CONGRATULATIONS – two meanings: embarrassingly I can actually hum this Cliff Richard song that almost won a Eurovision contest.
23 MYRA – hidden in “pygMY RAttlesnake”. But does “feeding” indicate containment (even if a snake’s involved)?
25 R,ELY – ELY must be a city if it’s got a cathedral I suppose (population 15,000!).


1 DOWN,CAST – ref. County DOWN – good idea to review your Irish counties since they tend to crop up cryptically quite often (e.g. Mayo, Sligo…).
2 STEAMER – must be two meanings: the second being “vessel” not sure about the first? ”Wetsuit in vessel”.
4 TIN-OPENER – rev(nit=stupid person) followed by OPENER for “key”. But why is “small” needed to qualify “kitchen tool”? There are, after all, smaller kitchen gadgets (teaspoons, toothpicks, salt cellars…).
7 ATHLONE – (an hotel)*. I already mentioned the need to review your Irish geography.
8 T(OP)EKA – OP in Kate. Capital of Kansas I think. A point of honor not to check this.
12 OPEN, VERDI,CT – Wasn’t familiar with OPEN VERDICT beforehand but the wordplay was quite clear.
14 SMALL BEER – two meanings &lit: nice clue worth repeating: ”A trifle in glass?”
16 CANDID,E – “unrehearsed” produces CANDID and E is produced by “ending to thE”. The book’s by Voltaire but the operetta by Leonard Bernstein.
18 A,CO,LYTE=”light”
19 A,CROSS – another cricket allusion.

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