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Independent 6401 by Eimi – Lots of names

Posted by nmsindy on April 23rd, 2007


Lots of references in this, but I found it fairly straightforward, with no major problems. Enjoyable puzzle.  (Thanks, Peter, for  pointing out below that some of the names are the real names of some of the most eminent setters across all publications)

Solving time: 16 mins

* = anagram


9 AL L (EX-PENS) (ES P)AID Things to remember gangster = Al (Capone) former = ex, writer = pen

11 CORUNDUM (Run-DMC + duo less d)*

15 RI (F) LE One shot = something that is shot.

17 Germaine GR E ER George VI and Elizabeth II

18 RENO A clue to a clue? Middle of foRENOon

22 GR A HAM A = opening in Antigone Graham Sutherland, the artist.

26 TREBLES Dart board

27 EDSEL (Leeds)* A Ford car from the 1950s.


1 CHAS M Chas & Dave, singers

2 SILENT TREATMEAT (Tinsel)* with its anagram indicator. Sent to Coventry = ostracised.

3 Colin (co)DE X TER(m) who wrote the Inspector Morse books (and a big crossword fan, featuring in AZED competitions)

5 UNSPORTING (Ponting’s ru)* That’s not cricket = unfair In these days when everything is appealed, I wonder if that usage is out-of-date.

6 RES (as in des res) CUERS A cracking clue – my favourite

7 STAND OF FISH NESS Remember loch = ness

8 A DAM BED E Book by George Eliot. The opposite or on the contrary often means, as here – Put B in A not A in B.

20 GREASE 1970s film musical set in the 1950s

25 O DES O Des Lynam, I think.

6 Responses to “Independent 6401 by Eimi – Lots of names”

  1. says:

    25D: now O’Connor rather than Lynam.

    Looks like a tribute to setters, with SQUIRES (Rufus, formerly Icarus in the Indie), MANLEY (Duck, Quixote, Pasquale and others), GREER (Virgilius, Brendan), GRAHAM (Araucaria) and DEXTER (Azed contests, plus Oxford Times in the past if not now) all making appearances.

  2. says:

    Not to mention Herbert Dogwatch (Times, 1937-53), Arthur Beerbarrel (Keg in the Listener) and Ivor Chequered-Career (OK, that’s enough of that – sorry!)
    Especially liked STANDOFFISHNESS, the Run DMC/Chuck D anagram, and the one about Tottenham being last.

  3. says:

    Certainly last to the ball in the second half on Saturday. That Fabregas is a quality player and I was a bit anxious when I saw him coming on to replace that ageing underpant model. Still, a lovely strike from JJ that stopped the Arsenal supporters in mid-gloat.

  4. says:

    Excellent puzzle. I enjoyed the pop references. “Elastica’s first…” did make me wonder about the title of their first album. It’s eponymous but irrelevant here. I also liked the Chuck D/Run DMC anagram and did wonder if eimi imagined them remixing the classic C&W hit or the recent single from the Kaiser Chiefs.


  5. says:

    Thank you, Colin. I was thinking of the Kaiser Chiefs, but the Kenny Rogers one would be more fun. I like to think that possibly someone perusing the sports pages will accidentally see the word Elastica or Run-DMC and think “perhaps there’s something for me in this fuddy-duddy crossword world.”

  6. says:

    1A: Please could someone explain this. I missed the paper today, so I don’t know what the answer, which looks like CASED, was. I suppose it’s ‘as E(lastica)’ in ‘CD’, and the definition is ‘in strong cover'; Azed would frown at the past tense ‘boxed’.

    24D: This surely refers to the two Countdown presenters Des Lynam and Des O’Connor.

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