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Independent 6404 by Bannsider

Posted by bensand on April 26th, 2007


I have less time on a Thursday for crosswords and blogging than on other weekdays and I was mildly concerned to see Bannsider’s name at the top today as I’ve found him among the more testing setters before. All well in the end though and an entertaining crossord with no clues that felt like fillers.

1 LOUIS QUATORZE – (SUZI QUATRO ELO)* – always looking like the anagram. I guess the whole crossword might have been quicker if this was a term that I found easy to remember rather than having to wait for some letters to get me started
10 GANJA – N in (A JAG) rev. Nice surface and hidden slangy definition
13 POGO – PLOUGH ON, pairs lose partners indicates dropping 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th characters to leave pogo
14 BORED STIFF – whiff = BO + REDS TIFF for Socialist disharmony. Very neat.
17 RANSACKING – RAN SACKING rifle referring to pillage rather than a gun
18 FISH – F + ISH. Smelt is a fish. Sublime
20 TAE KWON DO – (WEAK DONT)* + O. Lost some time expecting the middle word to be “DOWN” which, obviously, I couldn’t get to work
22 OXTER – O’ER around XT for the less common term for the armpit.
23 AB OVO – Another fine misleading surface. Jack is AB, playing is V in OO
25 HAPPY LANDINGS – (APPLYING HANDS)* “All the best” as said to pilots…
1 LORDS SPIRITUAL – Swing Low is the spiritual and I’ll be appalled if I hear it at Lords this summer. Sing it at Twickenham if they must…
2 UNDECAGON – Nancy in the French town so Nancy’s one is UN + DEC + AGON(Y). Wikipedia claims undecagon is incorrect, although obviously fine for crossword purposes as the term exists, and also points out that the Canadian Loonie is one. I’d never heard of a Loonie until it came up in a pub quiz on Monday and here it is again!
5 THREEPENNY OPERA – a tanner is sixpence so half of tanner (tan) is threepenny if I’m reading this right!
6 RIGHTIST – RIG + HT(IS)T. HTT is from “has two tassels” initials
7 ERNIE – hidden word reversed. definition is Benny Hill’s number one about the fastest milkman!
15 IDIOTICON – not a word I’d come across. Two types of fool are IDIOT and CON
16 WAR WHOOP – (POOH + W(ITH) + RAW) <=
21 EPOCH – H + COPE <=

2 Responses to “Independent 6404 by Bannsider”

  1. says:

    I struggled a bit with this but I agree that all the clues were top-notch.

    A Suzi Quatro/ELO collaboration would be quite something I think. I recently rediscovered ELO’s fantastic concept album “Time”, having not heard it since I was about 10 (my Dad seemed to play nothing else when I was a kid) – I remembered every single song and quite a lot of the words to them too.

  2. says:

    Another tough but good Bannsider puzzle. As Louis Quatorze for 1A might lead you to expect, it’s a pangram. The Canadian looney is a seven-sided coin like our 20p and 50p – whether this is an undecagon depends who you ask – some say 7 sides, some say 11.
    Was happy to derive IDIOTICON from analogies to lexicon and idiom, though I just might have seen it before.

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