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Guardian 24,062/Arachne – ducks, drakes and a dragon!

Posted by loonapick on April 27th, 2007


Apologies for the lateness and brevity of this post, but I have already blogged a Times and an Inquisitor today, and submitted a puzzle for publication in a charity newspaper, as well as keeping my job –  just! This was a good puzzle with some unusual words, but the wordplay was generally fair. 


1   DUCKS AND DRAKES  otherwise known as skimmy stones, at least where I come from.

8   FEIGN – homophone of FAIN 

9   THUNDERS – hidden in JK GalbraiTH UNDERStood

11  ELSPETH – ELS-P.E.-TH(e)

13  ELDER – (fie)ELDER

15  PETER HAIN – P(there)*AIN –  Labour MP and Secretary of State for N Ireland and Wales. 

21  ATHLONE – (Ethanol)*

23  SHEILAS – (lassie h)* – as in Sheila’s Wheels, the insurance company just for women – funny how you’re allowed to have products just for women, but God forbid men try to keep anything o themselves.

26  TRIPE – wordplay is T’RIPE (the ripe as said up North), well at least Up North if you live in the South of England  – Yorkshire is south to me!
27  CHASE THE DRAGON – (or hash can get Ed)* – chasing the dragon, according to Google, is a way of smoking heroin, involving heating it on foil. 


1   DIFFERENTIAL  – DIFFERENT-I-A-L Ah! That brings back memories of calculus lessons while studying for Higher Maths.

3   SANHEDRIN – (has dinner)* 

4   NOTCH UP  – TUC = cut up ~ notch up = “record”

5   DOUBLET – double T, get it?

7   EARTHWARD – (death war R)* where R is the heading of Retribution.


16  ROCHESTER – referring to Jane Eyre’s love interest and the 2nd Earl of Rochester, who was also a satirist.

18  BEERMAT – BEER-M.A.-T –  T is indicated by “slightly tipsy”?

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  1. says:

    If anyone has a good method of remembering how to spell SANHEDRIN I’d be delighted to hear it (I did manage to get it right in this puzzle, but that’s no guarantee that I will next time). Unhelpfully, the etymology – syn (together) + hedra (seat) – suggests SINHEDRAN!

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