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Independent 6400 / Monk – oho, aha …

Posted by petebiddlecombe on April 27th, 2007


Solving time 22:05

I found this very tough, and was grateful for spotting the Nina – palindromes in the unchecked letters on each edge of the grid – DEIFIED, REPAPER, ROTATOR and REVIVER.

9 R(OOTG = (G(irl),too)<=)INGER
10 E,QUIN(c)E
11 TOR,TO(IS)E – legend = leg-end = toe, hence “legend?” in the clue
12 VI(D)S – vis = force (Lat.)
13 EDITORS=steroid*,HIP
17 10(N)S
18 ATSEA – SE from “final parts of ParadiSE”, in AlTmAn
19 KA,T.A. – martial arts without the fighting it seems. I guess the K(ola Peninsul)a is abandoned = empty
20 VELVET PILE – (live TV Peel)*
22 N,EEP=pee<=
23 ENCLO=(once,L)*,THE
27 C(R)AD(L)E – a cade is a lamb or other young animal left by its animal mother and reared by humans as a pet
29 OMAR = Ram(b)o<= – Omar Sharif starred in Dr Zhivago, for those who not seen it. The main musical theme can be heard on this rather magnificent page (wait about 22 secs for the big tune)
1 DONQUIX=”donkey”,(v)OTE(s)
2 E(LLIP=pill<=)S,IS – defined by “…” of course
3 I,RRE=err<=,LEVANT = east
4 F,OOT=too<= – the too in “you’re too kind” means “very”, says Collins.
6 E,N,(JOY)S
7 DEUS = sued<=
14 I,M,SH,I – Arabic for “go away”. If they do, you can follow up with “shukran” (thank you), the single word I remember from a trip to Tunisia (where your schoolboy French is often more useful than the Arabic phrase book)
15 O,PALE,SCENT – time to get your brackets right – this is { (light under old), bouquet } not { light under (old, bouquet) }
16 IN THE CLEAR = (Catherine, (whee)L)*
19 KANGAROO = (anorak go)*
21 VELCRO – hidden in shoVEL,CROwbar
24 NE’ER – iNnEr EaR
26 (th)E LI(on),A – Elia was the pen-name of Charles Lamb, just in case you don’t know yet.

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