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Independent 6405/Nimrod

Posted by Colin Blackburn on April 27th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

This one was unusually tough for me, though perhaps that’s to be expected on a Friday and from Nimrod. I felt a little short-changed at only having 22 clues, though at least that means I have less to write for this blog entry. I was introduced to a neologism, though on googling it seems its a well-used term. Some of Nimrod’s excellently misleading definitions made this an enjoyable puzzle once the answers dawned, though a couple of inexplicable word plays marred the puzzle slightly.

5 FILM CLUB — MC in (BULL+IF)< — bull is a sign of the zodiac, MC Hammer was a ridiculously pantalooned rapper.
8 OUTBOX — double def. — outbox is where work is put one it’s done.
9 SUPERSUB — SUPER+SUB — a new word for me even though it seems widely used in sports reporting. ‘smashing U-boat’ is excellent word play, unbalancing the clue to mislead.
11 ANYBODY’S GUESS — (GAY SON DEBUSSY)* — great anagram.
12 HORSESHOE BATS — ? — this clue initially threw me as I thought ‘nutty hangers-on’ might be the definition, referring to birds found on a nut feeder. I thus tried to force PENDULINE TITS to fit the word play. They’re not the most common tits and they may not even be true tits but the sequence LINE = string gave me some hope. A few checking letters later I gave up and realised that nutty = BATS and hangers-on was the overall, and very good, definition. I can also see HOE = ‘edge around garden’ but I’m otherwise lost.

HORSES+HOE+BATS, see Peter’s first comment.

14 SPONSORED WALK — EROS< in S(POND)WALK — great word play. SWALK = sealed with a loving kiss, ie a message from a valentine. Pond = Atlantic.
17 YEMENI — (ENEMY)*+I — republican can pretty much refer to the national of any country described as a republic, as Yemen is.
19 TUT-TUT — ? — I can see TU comes from Tue cut short with T for Times being added? Can anyone help?

TU+TT+UT, see Peter’s second comment.

1 VICUNA — VI(C+UN)A — I resisted the temptation to write in ALPACA without checking the word play.
3 ET CETERA — C in TET< + ERA — ‘and the rest’ is a great definition here, getting lost in its surface meaning.
6 LOSE ONE’S SHIRT — cryptic def.
7 BOBBY CHARLTON — BOBBY+CHARLTON — Charlton Athletic is a South London football club.
8 OWEN GLENDOWER — O+WENG(LEND+OW(n))ER — Wenger is Arsenal’s manager.
12 HESPERUS — HES(PERU)S — the name for Venus when it appears as an evening star.
15 AT HEEL — THE in LEA<

4 Responses to “Independent 6405/Nimrod”

  1. says:

    12A: the missing bit is: string = (of horses, camels, etc.) a drove or number (Chambers) – so it’s a charade of HORSES,HOE,BATS.

    19A: As it says “Tuesday’s Times”, maybe the idea is that “Tuesday’s Time” = TUT and were making this plural to get TUT,TUT.

  2. says:

    Wrong, Peter: UT = as, as in “ut supra” = “as above”. So it’s TU = Abridged Tuesday, T,T = Times, UT = as, TUT-TUT = “I don’t approve”.

  3. says:

    And how are mortals like me supposed to figure that?! Geeee….

  4. says:

    Peter, thanks for the clarifications. I did consider that string = HORSES but failed to check it before posting my comments. I think that as = UT is a little too difficult for a weekday blocked puzzle. Ut supra is fine as it is a well-used phrase but ut on its own is surely a foreign word that needs an indication to that.

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