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Azed 1821 – a tough work-out

Posted by petebiddlecombe on April 29th, 2007


Solving time: 59 minutes, with Chambers used after about 30.

Although I finished up with a slightly quicker time, I think I understand why last week’s commenter Ali said they were finding this a tougher puzzle. I’ve found more clues than last week with points that I think need explaining, and there were some traps that I managed to fall into as well as quite a few words and meanings that were new to me.

1 WHEAR – old spelling of where = “dove in Rome” – as in “Dove il duomo, per favore?”
11 HEALTHCARE – L in heartache* – rather distressed to see Azed using L = tiro. L means learner driver – so I’ll buy {L=learner}, but for me, {L = student or tiro} is a bit sloppy.
12 FAR(FALL)E – fare = food, to be taken = fall – think of “fall ill”
13 P.E.,BRINE – a disease of silkworms
14 BE(TT)ER – I wasted time on FI(TT)ER until I started using the big red book and found that FIER is not a word.
15 GRATE(fully)
17 GERBE,R.A. – gerbe = a wheatsheaf, or a fountain or firework like one.
18 RE,SP(L)END – I should have thought of Re as well as Ra much more quickly.
24 FRIANDE – anag. & lit. – Fr. for “epicure”
25 MUNTU – S Afr. derogatory slang for a black African
27 TILT(h)
29 MAURIST – one of these monks
31 IN,T(IN)ACO – {pancake = taco} is probably worth remembering
32 CON(S)TRA,INS – {ins = politicans in office} is also worth remembering
33 GE(R)NE – another one to note: gêne = embarrassment (Fr.)
34 PLANT – 4 definitions – Police trap / to locate / factory / where loot is stashed – simple when you get it! Best clue in the puzzle, I think.
2 HELE – hidden word – Spenserian word for “conceal”
3 E(ARBAS)H – arba/araba is the carriage this time – yak is a very neat definition.
4 ALERT = (T(R)ELA)<= – tela = web (Lat.)
5 C(HANG)E – {hang = plan} is there if you read the Chambers def. for “hang” carefully.
7 SAFE – 2 slang meanings – peter = safe, and johnny = condom = safe
8 C,RABBIT – bun = bunny = rabbit!
10 THERAPEUTIST – UTIS = clamour/din (Shak.) in anag. of “patter he”
16 REFRINGE – (ring = circle) in free*
19 PLA(TOO)N – time wasted here on {also = and}
20 CON(ID)IA – this week’s botany moment – conia is the hemlock extract, conidia are spores
28 ANNE=Enna<= Enna is a city and province of Sicily. Did anyone else hope to justify {ANTE = Frank}?
30 SUNN(y) – Sunn is indeed a subcontinental fibrous plant.

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  1. says:

    I forgot to mention a new site: the Azed Slip Archive. When finished, this will have hugely comprehensive information about Azed slips and competition results. It already contains a lot of information, including complete slips from Feb 1996 to April 2006 as I write this – a pleasant coincidence for me, as Feb 1996 was a VHC for me. If you want to see some really good cryptic clues, old slips are well worth a look.

  2. says:

    Yep, definitely a tougher workout this week. Fell short of the mark by 4 or 5 clues on this one (mainly in the SW corner) and couldn’t work out why 1A should be WHEAR, despite having WHEA_ to play with. Groaned quite a lot when I read the blog!


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