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Everyman 3160/quick solve

Posted by ilancaron on April 29th, 2007


Solving time: pretty quickly

Not sure how long I took to solve this since I was multi-tasking at the time but I don’t recall any untoward hold-ups. In retrospect not much to comment on either which is too bad. The across clues were more interesting than the downs.


1 JA(LOP)Y – another word for a crate, banger, beater…
4 C(AES)AR – sea* in CAR. Sure, he was a Roman Emperor, but first he was the American comedian Sid CAESAR
8 IN,T(ROVER)T – TT often crops up as the Isle of Man TT motorbike race. Good abbrev to know. Do they still make ROVERs? (perhaps BMW does?).
11 THE SKY’S THE LIMIT – I interpret this as: “the TV’s” producing THE SKY’S (Murdoch’s channel) and “intolerably exasperating person” being THE LIMIT.
18 TACK,Y – those unsavoury Frenchmen (Y[ves] in this case).
20 NATIONAL SERVICE – (isn’t on, Alice, Vera)* — proper nouns are often anagram giveaways.
25 STAT(U)E – U for universal (“all”) in STATE of which Ohio is an example. Not my favourite surface reading though: ”Cast figure for all to see in Ohio, perhaps”.
26 FRUG,AL – don’t think I ever danced the FRUG nor I suspect did AL Capone.


1 JOINT ACCOUNT – Nice cryptic def for where George and Weedon Grossmith no doubt deposited their earnings.
3 P.L.O.N.K. – last letters of “poP wilL gO dowN sinK”.
5 EX,C(ELLEN)T – a capital clue!
6 ATTEMPT – two meanings but really too close for comfort: ”Shot in a bid to kill someone.” “Shot” is an ATTEMPT and so is an ATTEMPT on someone’s life if your chosen profession happens to be assassin.
10 STOR(M)Y, PET,RE,L – one of the meanings of PET is a sulk.
13 T(IT,FORT)A,T – Our hard-working volunteers are TA.
21 A,DO,RE – Royal Engineers are known as sappers.
22 RIPER – hidden in “baR I PERceive”.

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