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Independent 6407/Tees

Posted by neildubya on April 30th, 2007


I thought this was tough in places but lots of fun, with the sort of pop culture theme we only see in the Independent crossword. Not sure about 8D though so suggestions welcome.

1 C,RAMBO – A new word for me. “Sly” is Sylvester Stallone’s nickname and as soon as I saw it in the clue I felt sure that RAMBO had to appear in the answer but I couldn’t see how. In the end I had C?A?B? and I had to check that CRAMBO was indeed a word.
10 ALP,OS in MED – tricky. O(ut)S(ize) is a standard crossword abbreviation. I liked “seagirt” (surrounded by water) to indicate [something] in MED(iterranean).
11 (AT NORTHERN EDGE)* – probably the most famous and influential of all 24A movies.
18 JA,(A CHICKEN)* – these days, probably the most famous 24A star. “Hamburger’s [i.e. someone who lives in Hamburg) okay” for JA is excellent but not sure about “in pie” as an anagram indicator?
21 D,AVID (ARE RANCID)* – another 24A star who appeared in the recent Kill Bill films.
24 UK<, inital letters from “Net Gain For Us – the rest of the puzzle would be a struggle if you couldn’t get this one.
26 INN in SKY
1/16 CHOP CHOP – a simple double definition clue.
2 ANTE,NN,A – “news” for NN (i.e. more than one NEW) is cheeky but fair I think.
3 BRUCE LEE – or, as Spooner would say “loose brie”.
8 E?D?N?T?N – this could be EDDINGTON (a reference to the actor Paul Eddington) but I can’t work out why. Could be wrong though. Any offers?
12 (PATIENT (f)OR AN)*
17 B in OVERS,E
19 H,AND,G,UN – 44 is a reference to this. You could quibble with this because tecnically it’s a Magnum .44 but we generally refer to it as a “Magnum Forty Four” rather than a “Magnum point Forty Four” so I think 44 is OK.
20 hidden in “unleashED WAR Dogs” – I didn’t know the Longshanks reference but I had ?D?A?D and I’d spotted the hidden EDWARD.

8 Responses to “Independent 6407/Tees”

  1. says:

    8D – Right person – the place is Teddington. Took me a long time to solve, which makes me wonder about my classification of Tees as an easy setter…

  2. says:

    8D – D’oh! Should have seen that. Agree that Tees probably shouldn’t be classified as an easy setter.

  3. says:

    I enjoyed this puzzle although the theme made half the puzzle very easy. I got FURY first which left me looking for a (4,2) ending in U as a theme word—not much else fits! Once I had KUNG FU the letter patterns gave me the film and the three actors without needing to read the clues, other than as confirmation.

    I found the CD at 13 across very good, and as some might know I don’t go a bundle on CDs.

    13 I’m depressed as career comes to halt (5,5)

  4. says:

    From the reviews and the comments, it seems familiarity with the theme made a big difference. I was completely unfamiliar with it so I found this a very difficult puzzle indeed. Some of the clueing was really excellent, 13 ac as mentioned above and also BACKDATED and DREADING – one I’m not sure about and has not been mentioned is 9 ac “Data revealed word” I’ve entered OUTPUT = Data Out = revealed but not sure about word. Re 18 ac a pie is a mixture so that’s quite OK, I think – I’ve seen it often in advanced puzzles.

  5. says:

    OUTPUT is correct, ‘put’ being used in the sense of putting into words or phrasing. I thought this was great fun. I’m no kung fu aficionado, but I was familiar with the actors concerned, which obviously made it easier.

  6. says:

    I read 9ac as a double def. ‘Revealed word’ being a definition of (god’s) output?

  7. says:

    I intended

    revealed = OUT plus word (vb.) = PUT

    for that one, Colin.

    Also, in Chambers 9 we have

    pie = a confused state

    so ‘in pie’ = ‘in a confused state’.


  8. says:

    I needed to check some of the references, particularly whether one particular Bruce Lee film was Fist of Fury or Fists of Fury – the titles being Chinese originally. Apparently it was first known as the latter the US, but is now known as the former, and it’s handy to get a look at the DVD cover to make sure. So I went to Today I received an email from them offering me 70% off martial arts DVDs, as they’ve obviously identified me as a big kung fu fan now.

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