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Guardian 24065/Shed – costive and wamble-cropped!

Posted by linxit on May 1st, 2007


Solving time approx 20 mins.

A couple of new words for me (see title) – I hope Shed gets well soon! Otherwise fairly straightforward but I made no more than steady progress.

1 MER(CU)RY – should have been an easy start but took me a long time to think of.
5 COST,I’VE – I don’t like this – setter’s in the surface reading is short for “setter is”, but the wordplay requires it to be “setter has”.
11 P(LAG,IA = “A1 gal” rev)RISM
12 EMBR(Y)O – Y in ORB,ME rev. – interesting that he’s a compiler here but a setter in 5ac!
13 BA(NALIT=Latin*)Y – I’m surprised this wasn’t linked with 28ac.
14 SCHINDLER (Children’s*) – ref. Schindler’s Ark by Thomas Kenneally or Schindler’s List, the Spielberg film based on it.
17 S(ain)T,ASH – a stash of saint-ash! You can probably buy it on eBay…
23 T(EAR DR)OP – I liked “EAR DR” for otologist.
24 NIS(S)AN – nisan is the 1st month of the Jewish calendar. I knew that, but it still took me ages to get this even though I drive one!
26 UMB(ERTOEC = “to Cree”*)O – boss=stud=umbo is common in crosswords. An umbo is the round knob at the centre of a shield. Author of The Name of the Rose, Foucault’s Pendulum etc.
28 P(LATIN)G – (GP rev)
29 RA(VIOL)I – last one I got. RAI is Algerian rock music.

4 RI(PC,OR)D – free = RID is the first thing I think of, although it can also be an anagrind.
6 O(RIEN)T – nice to see ORIENT not defined as “east” for a change.
9 WAMBLE-CROPPED (crew blamed pop)* – I had most of the checking letters in place before working this out, but once I saw CROPPED it couldn’t be anything else.
15 INS(sin*),URGENT
22 T(R)ITO,N
25 SOL(T)I – I guess soli is the plural of solo.

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