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Independent 6409/Dac

Posted by tilsit on May 2nd, 2007


An entertaining challenge from Dac which had the right mix of clues to keep you on your toes. However, I do have one query and two small questions (19 and 21 across and 23 down).



1.  CHER – C (No 1 in charts) + HER (female)

4   REPORTER – Re = about  PORTER (Cole P)


10  BLUE – Double definition

11  OPENED – PEN (write) inside OED (oxford English Dictionary, which I now have courtesy of Countdown!)

12  ANTELOPE – ANTE (Stake) + LOPE (To Bound)  Nice surface reading.

14  DECLINE AND FALL –  Cryptic def.  Two synonyms of “drop”.

16  SLEEPING AROUND – LAD SEEN IN GROUP* –  Nice definition =  spurning high fidelity.  Anagram indicator =  Punk

19  ADJUTANT –  My reading of this (correct me if not the case!)  AD = Active Duty (not heard of abbrev. before)  JUT =  Project  ANT  = Soldier (a type of ant)

21  BLEARY – Hmmmm….  Isn’t the Minister Hazel Blears?

22  ACER – Nice surface reading  ACE = One  R = River  ACER is, if I recall, the Latin name for the Maple.

24  ANIMALISM – MALI’S MAIN*  Nice & Lit clue

25  MARY JANE – Slang name for cannabis – double def.

26  KISS KI(D) – last letter missing  S S =  Sunday School  –  cf Glaswegian/Kirkby Kiss  (Slang terms for head butt)

2   HARD PRESSED – HARD = strict  PRESS-ED =  Media Boss!

3   RETINOL – Single recipe containing it   IT inside ONE+R (R) + L (length)

4   RACE AGAINST TIME – CE (Chief Engineer) inside MAGISTRATE IN A*

5   POSIT – How to relax = SIT  after OP (R)

6   RUBELLA – Rugby = RU  BELLA = I am advised by my big sister it is a ladies’ magazine.

7   ECU – E = English  CU = Copper   (Have seen this clue a few times before)

8   COLD SNAP – C = Caught  OLD SNAP =  Sepia Photo  (Like it!)

13  PALINDROMES – The clue is composed entirely of palindromes!  This was thevery last clue as he didn’t notice them, he said rather shame-facedly!

15  DEADBEAT – Double definition

17  EQUERRY – E =  last letter of Prince R = Royal inside QUERY

18  OBELISK – OB = old Boy +  LIKES*

20  AQABA – AB = sailor inside A Q A

23  CHA – CA =  About (Presumably abbrev of Circa – Is this right?) with H inside

5 Responses to “Independent 6409/Dac”

  1. says:

    21. Yes it is BLEARS and I think that is the answer, ‘becomes watery-eyed’ is the definition rather than becomes being just a link word.

  2. says:

    A brilliant puzzle in every repect by Dac. Tilsit need not feel too shame-faced about not seeing the PALINDROMES. I didn’t either until very late: a classic clue.

  3. says:

    PALINDROMES was last for me too! Marvellous. The fact that all the vowels were unchecked was, with hindsight, a factor in not seeing this till the end, I think.

  4. says:

    Re 23 down, I think you’re quite right, h in ca abbrev for circa – you see it a lot

  5. says:

    Thanks all for the comments.

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