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Independent 6410 by Morph – footy and much more

Posted by nmsindy on May 3rd, 2007


The theme of this puzzle was football teams (indicated by “side” in definitions) or, more particularly, the names that appear as parts of names of teams. e.g. United, City, Athletic. However, there was much more than this – great freshness and imagination in the clues. Though I, following football, got the theme almost straightaway, I still found it a very difficult puzzle. The Indy editor has commented that he is not strictly Ximenean, and there are one or two examples here. Very satisfying puzzle, indeed.

Solving time: 34 mins

* = anagram


9 BALL S UPS A dog’s dinner = a mess

10 RANGE Rifle Singular of Glasgow Rangers

12 O R B S Round things used twice for definition and the Os

13 W ((EDNES) D) AY Sheffield Wednesday (needs)* = d money (pre-1971 pence) in way = street

14 SKEWER “Skua” The R is conventionally ignored.

16 M I D W EEK Refers back to 13. The meek shall inherit the earth – Sermon on the Mount

21 SAD DAM Mad “in turn”

23 ORCHESTRA Pun on minor = minor note and orchestra pit

30 RYE BREAD Sour = wry “said”, I think.


3 EASY Definition: Liberal Tore into Tory i.e. e as y. Not easy!

4 Ruler is IN POWER (Now ripe)*

7 E GG E D Xims might not like final race = e

17 E LA BORAT E Hollywood = LA (Los Angeles) Borat = spoof character

18 THROW OFF Phase in the sense faze. Throw = cover for a seat

21 Accrington STANLEY (knife)

22 UNITED (With”change of heart” = untied)

24 C APE R Xims may not like Copyright being split into ape r

26 Out on a LIMB Taking a position beyond the others.

10 Responses to “Independent 6410 by Morph – footy and much more”

  1. says:

    I enjoyed this too. As nmsindy says, the theme wasn’t too hard to spot (esp. if you’re a football fan) but the rest of the puzzle was pretty tough.

  2. says:

    Actually, I’m surprised you haven’t used this puzzle as an excuse to mention the recent promotion of you-know-who Niall…

  3. says:

    The puzzle ignored us. When the town was made a city in 1992, there was some suggestion it would be added to the title, but it was decided to leave well enough alone.

  4. says:

    I cannot believe I could not get STANLEY…and I had S_A_L_Y! Aren’t they just a fictional football team used in adverts?
    …and I still cannot understand the explanation for EASY. Superb puzzle though.

  5. says:

    3D – EASY. The full clue is “Liberal tore into Tory like this”. To turn “tore” into “tory” the E becomes Y or “E as Y”. EASY, but not easy!

  6. says:

    Accrington Stanley exist. They resigned from the League in 1962 but were promoted back to it after 44 years, for the 2006/07 season just ending.

  7. says:

    Great puzzle – and I didn’t get Stanley either in the 15 mins or so I had allotted for this!

  8. says:

    Thank you Neildubya…penny has now dropped.

    Also thank you to Nmsindy…and it was nice to see my own team included (10ac).

  9. says:

    Nice puzzle with some great clues.

    The last one I solved was EASY. This was partly because despite its answer it was a clever and difficult clue.

    However, I have a mild query: Does “liberal” mean “easy”? Having checked in Chambers, I discovered that no word or words (in 2006 edition) used to define “liberal” are exactly the same as the word or words used to define “easy”…


  10. says:

    Chambers gives ‘not strict’ for easy – the sense I was thinking of. It also offers ‘unconstrained’ for easy, and ‘free from constraint’ for liberal, which seems close enough. Having said that, it might have been better to use a more accessible definition for a clue with difficult wordplay.
    Thanks for all the feedback anyway. I tried to get in as many football team surnames (as it were) as possible, but all one-word teams were left out, even the mighty Arse. Somehow I was unable to fit the other big north London team in either.
    Mildly, Mick.

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