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Guardian 24,063 (Sat 28 Apr)/Paul – “It’s good spelling, but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places”

Posted by rightback on 4th May 2007


Solving time: 8:15

An easier puzzle than usual from Paul, with no 10ac that I could see.

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Independent 6411/Phi – All at sixes and sevens?

Posted by bensand on 4th May 2007


A satisfying and well-worked crossword although there are a couple I’m looking for further explanation on. Very unusually for me I spotted a nina in the unchecked letters on the middle column and middle row.

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Inquisitor 17 – Subject to Change / Charybdis

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 4th May 2007


Solving time: c. 80 mins

A fairly gentle puzzle this one – thematic clues just lead to phrases of words associated with the school subjects mentioned. Enumerations for these indicated which phrases had an AND that wasn’t included in the grid – or they did for those paying closer attention than me. Quite a lot of clues here were no more complicated than you’d expect in a daily paper puzzle, so I suspect some people ripped though this, and those who think Inquisitor puzzles have a duty to be easy should be happy with this one. I think I filled the grid without Chambers, though two rather careless answers needed correcting while writing this. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 24068/Pasquale – a la recherche

Posted by ilancaron on 4th May 2007


Solving time: 35’

More than one instance in which clear wordplay led to a new word (THALLI, SINICISM, CHOTA, OGIVES, ADENITIS) or a familiar word had me reverse engineering the wordplay (DIE HAPPY). In any event, I used research references more than I would have liked to – seemed like a fairly hard puzzle. The long anagram at 14A was my initial strategy for a way in, as the wordplay was obvious – but,  since it was French (only realized later), I had to wait until I had some of the crossing letters.

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