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Inquisitor 17 – Subject to Change / Charybdis

Posted by petebiddlecombe on May 4th, 2007


Solving time: c. 80 mins

A fairly gentle puzzle this one – thematic clues just lead to phrases of words associated with the school subjects mentioned. Enumerations for these indicated which phrases had an AND that wasn’t included in the grid – or they did for those paying closer attention than me. Quite a lot of clues here were no more complicated than you’d expect in a daily paper puzzle, so I suspect some people ripped though this, and those who think Inquisitor puzzles have a duty to be easy should be happy with this one. I think I filled the grid without Chambers, though two rather careless answers needed correcting while writing this.

4/47 Geography and History = THERE and THEN
7/45 SEN and Behaviour Management = ODDS and SODS – SEN = Special Educational Needs, I think – possibly a tad un-PC.
42/22 Food Technology and English Literature = COOKING THE BOOKS
46/1 Drama and Music = STARS and BARS
9/12 Business Studies and Sports = SALES PITCHES
11 RE, Biology, Chemistry and Physics = OMNISCIENCE
13 NO STRUM – fingerpicking must be playing the guitar as a melody instrument rather than strumming to make chords.
15 MORNES – RN in some* – the blunt heads of jousting lances, says C
24 BRAHMA from Johannes BrahmS.
37 S,ENTRY = ‘s = has
41 TEE OFF – ‘this’ with “tee off” = ‘his’
43 PIE – part of an anna, which in turn is part of a rupee.
44 NOSE = “knows”
1 BONEIDLE – didn’t quite get the wordplay here but have just cracked it. Clue: Old English good for nothing lied about being very lazy. IDLE for the back end is obvious enough. For BONE, you take OE = Old English and replace the O=nothing with BON=good.
5 H(on)OUR
19 LEAT(hers) – a leat is a race in the mill-race sense
23 S,ONES – nice simple &lit.
31 FATES – there were 3 fates, and it’s also (30=FESTA)*
34 IRISH – rishi = poet, with the last I moved to the top.
36 PESO = (J)osep(h)
38 E-FIT = (t(h)ief)*

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 17 – Subject to Change / Charybdis”

  1. says:

    “those who think Inquisitor puzzles have a duty to be easy should be happy with this one”

    below the belt!…though I admit this was the easiest Inquisitor for a while…others have been pretty desperate (Listener standard)!

  2. says:

    Not quite sure what you mean by “below the belt”. I certainly didn’t mean to criticise the puzzle for being easy – I think quality and difficulty of puzzles are independent (oh dear – a pun without actually trying!).

  3. says:

    For 25dn I had ANALOGUE – I didn’t really think about it. So for 4/47 I was looking for TH_R_ and _HEE. I thought that the last word had to be THEE (a historical form of YOU). So I gave up after a while. I really should’ve looked harder.

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