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Everyman 3161/slipped on cargoship?

Posted by ilancaron on May 6th, 2007


Solving time: pretty quickly except for one clue

I went through this at a pretty good clip but I’m still befuddled by the wordplay for 5D (CARGOSHIP) : I suspect I’ve completely missed the boat. At it were. (Now corrected thanks to Stilt).


4 BECK,ON=rev(no=small number) – a BECK is a (probably Scots) stream.
9 SPE(C)TATOR – C in (a protest)*.
10 F(O)UND – “reverse” is a (financial) FUND in this case, i.e. doesn’t indicate reversal.
11 RUSSIAN ROULETTE – Clever cryptic def for the game which has exactly “a round”.
14 HAT(CHE)T – our perennial revolutionary CHE in that*.
16 BIG DEAL – two meanings
23 D,I’S,TEMPER – turns out DISTEMPER is a “viral disease” in cats…
25 NURSE – bit of a surprise to learn that there’s a NURSE shark.


1 G,ASTRIC=(scar – it)* – note how the trailing possessive “’s” isn’t used in the fodder which is valid since could be read as “scar it – is ugly” with “is ugly” being the anagrind.
3 EX,TRIC[k],AT,E – I saw the answer well before I worked out the wordplay: “end of sentencE” is just E.
4 BAT,ON – rev(tab=check).
5 CAR(GOSH,I)P – not sure about this: with C?R?O?H?P not much else occurs to me: “Fish around my island for vessel”. I can’t find a dictionary though that supports de-hyphenating CARGO-SHIP. As for wordplay I see: COS the “island”, HIP for “in”, anagram of GAR for “fish”. But I don’t see how to put it all together. Stilt below points out that it’s CAR(GOSH,I)P — where GOSH is exclamatory “my!”.  So much for Greek islands and anagrammed fish.
7 HUNT-THE-SLIPPER – double/cryptic def for what was needed to win Cinderella’s hand. It’s also a children’s party game.
8 AD,VENT – def is “appearance” and I think that “is good for” is just a link phrase?
15 TRUNCHEO=(once hurt)*,N – TRUNCHEON is Brit billy-club.
16 BUMPER – two meanings: “unusually large” as in BUMPER crop e.g.
18 ASTARTE – hidden in “feAST, ARTEmis”. Good apposite surface: ASTARTE is a fertility goddess (aka Ishtar).
21 [c]RUSTY

4 Responses to “Everyman 3161/slipped on cargoship?”

  1. says:

    Don’t have the puzzle, but presumably 5D is CARP around GOSH (my) I(sland).

  2. says:

    I too solved this at some stage from the def. ‘vessel’ but could not work out the full anno. instantly.

  3. says:

    ‘reserve’ gives ‘fund’
    There is no reversal in the clue for which the answer is FUND.

  4. says:

    10D: indeed — silly error on my part — while I was writing my notes up I read ‘reserve’ as ‘reverse’ and thus made the incorrect comment about it not indicating reversal! Anyway, of course: reserve is fund in this context.


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