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Guardian 24,071/Brendan – “almost” easy

Posted by loonapick on May 8th, 2007


  In my mind, while solving this puzzle, I was thinking that this preamble would say how easy this crossword was, then I came across a word I didn’t know, but was able to guess from the wordplay, so I suppose “easy” is not the appropriate word. I had never heard the word SWARAJIST before, but for those interetsted in India’s history, this may have been an easy enough word.  


1          AWAKENING – A W(A-KEN)ING – most houses I have lived in don’t have wings, so the pedant in me may have expected some qualification of the word “house” in the clue (grand house, say) 

9          GET YOUR BEARINGS – the only answer that fits, but I’m not sure if there is anything particularly cryptic about the clue, but then I am probably missing something? 

10         TENT – that ubiquitous wine of Crosswordland, cleverly clued here. 

14         STATEROOM – STATE + (<=moor) 

16         APPAL – homophone of A PAUL 

18         TOTALISER – (is a lotter)* – the Totaliser (or Tote) is a form of betting on horse-racing which takes the sum of all money bet and divides it among the winners. 

21         AGOG – the even letters of “hAnG tOuGh” (ie ignoring the odds) 


26         TWEED – as in the river Tweed, forming part of the border between England and Scotland.  Fresh in my mind as I was playing cricket in the Borders on Saturday. 

27            ISINGLASS – IS IN GLASS = “partly fills schooner” possibly a bit loose?  


1          ANGST – (b)ANG (i)S (i)T 

4          INRO – in MoulIN ROuge” – a lacquered Japanese box for medicines, perfumes etc. 


6          PERVERSELY – (reserve)* in PLY 

8          DESTROYER – (restored y)* where Y is the last letter of “navy” 

13        TORTELLINI – TOR(TELL)IN(o)-1 – Torino being the Italian name for Turin, of course. 

14        SWARAJIST – S(WAR-A-J-IS)T – a political party in India which advocated self-government, or a supporter of same 

17            PROFANE – PRO-FANE – a fane is an obscure word for a temple, from the Latin fanum, a place dedicated to a deity. 

22         GASES – laughing gas or tear gas 

23         DELI – homophone of DELHI

2 Responses to “Guardian 24,071/Brendan – “almost” easy”

  1. says:

    Yes, 9ac and 25 both hint at aspects of the complete grid. The title of the puzzle is “A compass rose”…

  2. says:

    Theme alert! I probably wouldn’t have spotted this one, but the newspaper version helpfully had ‘A compass rose’ at the top. GET ONE’S BEARINGS and IN ALL DIRECTIONS allude to the presence of
    N, E, W and S in their appropriate positions, and – the really nice touch – NE, NW, SE and SW in the corners. Classic Brendan!
    And TENT was a lovely clue.

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