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Independent 6414/Virgilius – 10A-y

Posted by neildubya on May 8th, 2007


Another very entertaining puzzle from Virgilius. No theme that I could see, unless it’s very subtle or I’m very slow today. Either is equally possible.

9 (GOOD LINER)* – spent some time thinking I was looking for an anagram of HAS G(ood) LINER.
11 OOPS – “bands” are HOOPS and you’d probably drop the “h” if you were a Cockney.
12 LIKE BILLY-O – “As father of kids” for LIKE BILLY is excellent.
15 hidden in “stabLES SEEmingly”
18 ARNE in ER – as in “nice little earner”. The composer is this chap.
19 S (QUEEN)*,CE – excellent surface reading…
21 LAND,I in (SOUTH)* – …as is this one.
23 CRAM< – I don’t think I’d heard of MARC so this was a guess.
25 DAILI(es)< – another good one.
1 SIGN OF THE ZODIAC – “two are in libraries” is the key here as “libraries” contains LIBRA and ARIES. Very clever.
3 NOON – which is when the afternoon starts. “Off? Au contraire” could be expressed as “No, on”.
4 hidden in “withIN IT I ALSo”
8 D,IS,COVERED CHECK – I haven’t played chess in years but I just about remembered this term.
13 SIDE SADDLE – the occasional cryptic def here and there is fine by me.
17 reverse hidden in “PunjaBI HAS MEMorably” – fantastic clue. Reads really well and who would have thought you could clue it as a hidden word?
20 (ART I DO)*
22 I in THE,F – good &lit clue.
24 odd letters of “BeRlInEr”

5 Responses to “Independent 6414/Virgilius – 10A-y”

  1. says:

    I also enjoyed this one. One further clue worth mentioning is the cryptic definition at 27ac: COFFEE-TABLE BOOK. If only they were all this good.

    I couldn’t find a theme but I got NOON and OOPS first and wondered about double-ohs, then about double letters. Neither came to much. Then 1dn convinced me that the other 10 signs would be in there. I can’t find them! The grid is almost pangrammatic. Surely Virgilius should explicitly state there is no them when there is no theme. This just isn’t good enough!

  2. says:

    Please could someone explain 6D? All OK except that I can’t see why rev = gun.

  3. says:

    Re: gun, I must admit I didn’t know this definition, but it’s in Collins, Chambers and OED. The Collins version is: to press hard on the accelerator of (an engine).

  4. says:

    Was the collection of ‘n’s, ‘o’s, ‘i’s and ‘a’s in the unchecked letters in the NW corner a coincidence, or a deliberate ‘no nina’?

  5. says:

    I thought “gun” was quite common, as in “gunning” the engine, although it definitely made me stop and think.
    The existence of words like LIBRARIES heavily suggests the presence of some cruciverbal deity :-)

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