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Independent 6415/Dac

Posted by Colin Blackburn on May 9th, 2007

Colin Blackburn.

A puzzle of two halves for me today. About half of it went in very quickly indeed, then I stalled. Returning through the day whenever I had a few minutes I picked off one or two clues. Then I was left with the bottom right corner which with hindsight was easier than most of the rest of the puzzle. Usually I quality stuff from Dac and I haven’t looked for a theme.

1 RACE — R+ACE — &lit
3 EPISCOPATE — (TAPE COPIES)* — a group of bishops, ie a see group. Very nice definition playing to the surface well.
11 CUTTING — double def.
12 PUMPS — M in PUPS — the boxers here are dogs.
13 BRIDEWELL — BRIDE+WELL — stir = prison
14 LANCE SERGEANT — SERGE+AN in LANCET — The Lancet is the journal of the British Medical Association.
17 RAPPROCHEMENT — RAP+PRO+C(HE-MEN)T — I was stuck here for a while when I convinced myself “macho types” formed part of an anagram rather than defining he-men.
21 ARTICULAR — pARTICULARly — fantastic hidden clue, you just don’t think to look for such a long word in a word only three letters longer. “like a joint” is a great definition leading to a very good surface. I didn’t know the word but it is reasonably obvious once discovered.
23 FOSSE — double def. — I’d not heard of Bob Fosse but then I’m not a fan of musical theatre. I do mean that, I’m not trying to affirm my sexuality!
24 SKIFFLE — FF in LIKES* — Punk in its adjectival sense meaning rotten is being used here to form the anagram.
25 INTERNS — “in turns”
26 TYROLIENNE — LIEN in TYRONE — I’m not a dancer either but I assume this is a lively dance. The word play fits.
27 CRUD — CRUD(e)
1 ROLY-POLY — double def. — I almost wrote in PLUM DUFF when I picked up the paper, luckily I thought again.
2 COAL MINER — “Cole minor”
7 ANISE — womANISEr — another nice hidden clue but not as good as the other one.
8 ENGELS — N in (h)EGEL+S — This is a very nice &lit. Engels was a philosopher (at a stretch) who worked with and supported Marx, a socialist leader. Marx and Engels were at one time Young Hegelians, their first book being a critique of the movement.
10 DISRESPECTFUL — (FIRST CLUE SP(e)ED)* — nice metaphysical surface.
16 STRESSED — S+DESSERT< — trifle = dessert
18 RELIEVE — “re leave”
19 CARRION — CARRI(ed) ON — another excellent clue with very good word play and surface.
20 BASSET — B+AS+SET — I saw a Basset hound yesterday. It was halfway through a dense hedge watching the traffic go by. I wish I’d had my camera on me.
22 TRIER — double def.

3 Responses to “Independent 6415/Dac”

  1. says:

    8D: I don’t see how this is an &lit. It seems a guite straightforward “normal” clue: Philosopher’s = Hegel’s; remove first and embrace n to get Engels, a socialist leader.

  2. says:

    I think the clue can be interpreted both ways depending on how you view Engels. He was a social scientist and entrepreneur who wrote with, along with Marx, several philosophical works. He may or may not have been regarded as a socialist leader, though he may have been a leading socialist. It could therefore be said that Engels, the philosopher, embraced the new socialist leader who was Marx. The word play allows for this interpretation with socialist leader giving the S rather than it coming from HEGEL’S. I can’t imagine Dac didn’t see and exploit the &lit form but maybe I’m wrong.

  3. says:

    Like Wil , I took this as a normal clue. Maybe a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, Colin,…

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