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Independent 6416 by Nestor – very tough, very original

Posted by nmsindy on May 10th, 2007


Nestor (Kea to Listener solvers) is a very gifted setter. This was a very hard puzzle and I do have some doubts, set out below. I’ll edit to include any corrections received. (All doubts explained below – thanks esp to Peter – and I did solve the whole puzzle correctly!)

* = anagram

Solving time: 71 mins


9 IN HER(m)IT Definition is “Be left”

11 ERROL Flynn (cf error)

15 H A WICK(ed) Scottish Rugby Union club who play at Mansfield Park – so nothing to do with Jane Austen.

17 Not sure of this one at all – my best guess is LEAVEN = Raise


23 CAST(l)E Englishman’s home is his castle


27 REPLICA c = carbon in ail per reversed Very hard – cunning use of carbon/copy.

28 has to be GEORDIE (person from Newcastle) but wordplay not understood.


1 JO(b) G(oo)GLE

3 S EXIST Brilliant Last Letter + exist = are

5 RHESUS Use (reversed) in Royal Horticultural Society

10 TINKER cf The Thinker (I “think”!)

16 KANDAHAR One the best hiddens I’ve ever seen using a well-known phrase with an & lit touch to it all.

19 MO(c)HA IR

22 ENRAGE = Incense (I think) Wordplay not understood but (near)* may be part of it.

24 EYELET “Islet” Definition is “Opening line may go to”

4 Responses to “Independent 6416 by Nestor – very tough, very original”

  1. says:

    Also found this very tough – didn’t finish, though started late last night

    17 is a replacement – L=pounds replacing the first letter of Heaven – the London gay club. “The most famous gay nightclub in the world”, at least according to their own website.

    28 Clue is Northerner flipped half of eggs, about one dozen initially (12) (7). Answer to 12A = SPAWN – so it’s a reversal of: (one = I, dozen initially = D, spawn = ROE) inside EG = half of eggs.

    22 Gagging, almost = EAGE(r), choking = holding near = NR.

  2. says:

    I felt pleased to manage 4 clues before turning to the blog for help!

    12ac and 18d have still defeated me, and while I’ve got 7ac, I can’t work out the wordplay for the life of me.

  3. says:

    Good, tough stuff, and well done to those who did finish. I got all bar 24 down, and after rereading the explanation, I’m not sure I would ever have got there! Kandahar was a beauty.
    12ac: S PA(W)N.
    7ac: O(UTSI)Z E. Anag of suit in oz. (lightweight). ‘PinstripE at the back’ is just for the E.
    18dn: ACCUS(e)TOM. As in Tom, Tom, the piper’s son.

  4. says:

    Like Mick, I got all except 24 down, eventually. I didn’t think the clue to KANDAHAR needed a question mark, but it certainly should have a place in the book of top clues! Wordplay to GEORDIE defeated me, as did the def for HAWICK.

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