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Independent 6412 / Punk – tough but very good

Posted by petebiddlecombe on May 12th, 2007


Solving time 14:05

Punk is also Paul in the Guardian, where I sometimes think he takes the odd liberty too many. Not in this puzzle – I can find nothing to quibble about, and there are some really good clues here – several quoted for those who don’t have their copy.

1 RACK ONE’S BRAINS – 2 defs – a fairly gentle start.
9 T,RAGED,I(A)N – first of some very clever constructions – especially like “resembled The Tempest” for RAGED.
11 HONEST – nicely done hidden word. Clue: Straight through one’s trouser pockets.
12 BRAKE=”break”,PAD
16 DELI – take the very=really from delivery
18 (f)LUKE – the evangelist St Luke was a companion of St Paul, which makes a change from “physician”. Though arguably, something like “Biblical physician beheads parasite” might have been better (sorry, said I wouldn’t quibble…)
19 HOMECOMING from “comb, humming”
21 PORT,ALOO = curried potato. (Clue: Convenient means of disposal for such as Mumbai curried potato.)
22 RE(MA)IN – keep as in “keep quiet”. Anyone who rushed into RETAIN should give themselves some suitable punishment involving careful parsing of wordplay.
2 CHAINS,MOKE,R – a second great clue to this in a week (Times had one about abusing smack and heroin). Paul’s one: One constantly dragging donkey round, initially under shackles
3 OVERSHOE – Ho. in (ever so)* – another really good clue: Protective footwear appears ever so clumsy around the house.
5 BANK ROBBER – nice CD: A very nasty stocking-filler?
6 ALAS,KA = “force of Egypt” – an occasionally useful two letter word to look up if you don’t know it yet.
8 SLEDGING – another gem: Summer sport’s intimidating winter sport? (Sledging = verbal abuse of opponents in cricket.)
14 AU,TO,MO,BILE – another good charade: Vehicle something precious to one who treats spleen.
15 MILEPOST – L in (Epsom, it)*
24 S,CUD – enjoyed “thing brought up by lower” for CUD

3 Responses to “Independent 6412 / Punk – tough but very good”

  1. says:

    I thought Portaloo was a classic. The comments re: Paul and Punk add another aspect to the classification of setters as Ximenean or Libertarian, namely the attitude of the editor. As John also appears in The Times (and the FT), there’s probably a scale of libertarianism for this particular setter with the Guardian at one end and the Times at the other.

  2. says:

    I found this not quite as difficult as some by Punk – my favourite was SLEDGING. Even as a footie person, it took me a while to find which UNITED it was. The only one that mystified me a little was BANK ROBBER. Like Peter, I thought the construction of AUTOMOBILE was excellent as was much else in this puzzle.

  3. says:

    An excellent puzzle. I loved the PORTALOO clue.

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