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Independent 6421/Dac

Posted by neildubya on May 16th, 2007


Quite a cavalier sort of solve with this one – a few clues filled in without completely understanding them, anagrams guess-timated rather than properly worked out – but luckily no mistakes. Would have been pretty quick for me (around 10 mins) but 4D held me up for a while.

5 hidden in “certaIN DICTionaries” – “word for charge” is just about the most straightforward definition you could wish for!
12 D in LOG,E – I had ??D?E and filled in LODGE without really understanding why although now it looks fairly straightforward. D is “many” because it’s the roman numeral for 500.
13 SPARE TYRE – chestnut-ty double definition.
17 CANINE DISTEMPER – again, I didn’t completely understand this one when I filled it in because I couldn’t see why “coat” could signify DISTEMPER. Turns out that it can be a noun meaning “water-based paint when mixed with glue” or a verb meaning “to paint with distemper”. So there you go.
22 DROW(n),SY – very fine clue indeed. Reads perfectly.
24 hidden in “arCHERY Lessons”
25 S in A,SAS,SIN
1 (l)IMP,ALAS – another one of my “it must be right but I don’t why” answers. I think IMPALA is one of those words that I only know because I solve cryptic crosswords.
2 STAND DOWN – I thought judges told witnesses that they may “step down” from the witness box but maybe not.
3 alternate letters in “tAlL oFfIcEr” – a reference to this of course.
4 COR,(d)ESPONDENT – the one that held me up as I thought it involved an anagram of “sad person” for some strange reason.
7 I,TA(l)LY – excellent clue.
8 ER in TOTTY – the COED classes TOTTY as “Brit. informal” although many women might regard it as “Brit. quite derogatory”. That said, I have heard some women use it to describe certain men who are easy on the eye so maybe the word is being “reclaimed”.
11 (MOST CARELESS)* – not sure that I’d heard of the MALTESE CROSS before but once I’d worked out it was an anagram and “something CROSS” there aren’t any other words you make with the rest of the anagram fodder.
15 KAND = “canned”, IN,S,KY
16 (PLAN ONES O)* – not really sure how I got this as I don’t think I’ve come across NAPOLEON as a coin before.

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  1. says:

    Count yourself lucky not have heard of DISTEMPER paint – thinking about it, I’m not sure if it’s still around much, but at one time it was universal (for indoor walls).

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