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Guardian 24078/Paul – rearends

Posted by ilancaron on May 17th, 2007


Just some quick notes about this puzzle written up a day after I solved (and re-solved!) the puzzle. Quite a few clever Pauline (not Paulene!) fun and games. Some post-post editing thanks to various comments below.


4,26 OL(YM=rev(my),PIC)GA,MES[s] – the year 2012 (when the Olympics will bring London to a halt at great expense) disguised as two clue numbers! OLGA’s our Russian.  OLGA is an apposite athlete if you recall OLGA Korbut who burst (vaulted?) to fame in the 1972 Olympics I think.
9 I’S,OL[r]ATION – L replaces R in oration.
15 S(I’M)ONY – def is corruption in religious circles. Not sure about SONY being indicated by “Japanese people” – why not just say “Japanese company”?
19 DUNG,EON – anyone who can define DUNG as an “end product” (say of a donkey) is a cryptic God in my view.
24 AS,PI,C – PI=abbrev(“pious”).
27 ELECT,ROD,[decid]E – nice apposite use of “baton” and conductor”.
28 SOLVENT – two meanings: unless you’re into sniffing glue and then one’s a warning.


1 TRIDENT – this time 20 12 really means the clue: NUCLEAR SUBMARINE.
2 ADOLF HITLER – (all for D, the, i)*. So, now if someone uses a search engine to look up the fuehrer, they’ll find me as well. Wonderful.
3 CHA,IN, MAIL – knights wear it, mail is sorted. Not sure about CHAIN and drink. It’s CHA=tea=drink,IN…
8 MISS,AL[l]
18 R(AIM)ENT – note how “X wears Y” indicates Y contains X which is quite correct.
20,12 NUCLEAR SUBMARINE – nice anag &lit: (enables uranium , cr)* “Care, oddly” yields CR.
21 HAGGIS[h] – another cheeky clue: “as witches” is HAGGISH so if you pinch their bottoms, you remove the last letter!
25 PH,ONE – clever clue: presumably Ph=1 is at the acid end of the scale (didn’t check).

14 Responses to “Guardian 24078/Paul – rearends”

  1. says:

    3D I reckon the drink is our old friend CHA, normally clued as “tea” or similar. Then IN MAIL is “being sorted”.
    This really was a cracking puzzle.

  2. says:

    pH is often taught in schools as a scale from 1-14 but it’s not actually the case. HCl, for instance, has a pH of -1.

    Was a bit of an annoyance to my solving partner, who has a Chemistry PhD.

  3. says:

    Take it from the Church Times xwd ed that the adjective from Paul is Pauline, not Paulene

  4. says:

    I also enjoyed this, tho I didn’t get SIMONY in the time allowed :-)
    TESCO cafes are probably not the best place for this sort of thing. I certainly don’t advise anyone eating or drinking in there …

  5. says:

    Very enjoyable. I was mystified as to the connection between nuclear submarines and the Olympic Games – excellent misdirection.

  6. says:

    Excellent puzzle.

  7. says:

    Great puzzle, some of which defeated me. The 20 12 Olympics clue was very clever.

  8. says:

    I assume 5 down was yucca but why?
    Y (unknown)but how does “people in clearing once” give ucca. Maybe once is a but otherwise I’m lost


  9. says:

    The UCCA was the Universities Central Council on Admissions and is the body that did the “clearing house” process of allocating potential undergrads to colleges.
    It changed its name to UCAS (Universities Central Admissions Service) in 1993. So it helped me to be behind the times for this clue.

  10. says:

    I think 20 12 is more likely to be an anagram of ENABLES URANIUM CaRe. i.e. using the odd letters of care.

  11. says:

    I agree with Mr Functor above. I spent far too long getting started on this clue by trying to get an anagram out of VESSEL ENABLES U and CR. Isn’t it wonderful that “Nuclear submarine” contains “Uranium”!
    [ By the way I’d like to point out that the clock on this blog is wrong and like any sane man I was soundly asleep at 5:37 a.m. ]

  12. says:

    absolutely right about NUCLEAR SUBMARINE anagram — it’s (enables uranium, cr)* which was my thought at first (honest!) but when I counted up the letters they came to 16, which as anyone knows can’t fit in a 15×15 grid! :)

  13. says:

    Not sure I agree about “cryptic god” for end product = dung, but I guess it’s no worse than the old cliche matter = PUS. The deception at 4, 26 is the “cryptic god” bit for me. (And yes, Olga K’s was 1972 – the “Munchkin of Munich” as Irving Wallechinsky calls her in his book about the Olympics. Poor old Lyudmila Tourischeva – first in the all-around compared to Korbut’s seventh, but not nearly so well-remembered.

  14. says:

    Absolutely. I was in love with Lyudmila in 1972. That Valeri Borzov was a very lucky chap, but I suppose winning the 100m and 200m at the Olympics must have its rewards.

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