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Guardian 24079/Arachne

Posted by linxit on May 17th, 2007


I don’t think I’ve come across Arachne before, but I enjoyed the puzzle. The clues were mostly fair, although some were quite tricky and four living people – all politicians – appeared in the solution (which I wasn’t expecting, being a regular Times solver). I didn’t see the wordplay of a couple of clues while solving, but I got most of them later when I had access to a dictionary.

8 BIG NOISE – (is being)* around O.
11 GRAND,STAND – stand = stomach in the sense of to tolerate.
14 A,PERI,(s)TIF(f) – a peri is a fairy in Persian mythology, quite popular in cryptics.
17 T,ROUBLE – I was a bit doubtful of T=Thailand, but it’s the IVR abbreviation.
20 SUPEREGO – (purges + (th)E + O)* – I’m not too keen on O=no.
24 BO(r)AT – one I had to look up. A hooker is a Dutch fishing vessel.
25 (vot)E,QUA,L(iberal)
26 T(H)RILLER – ref. the album by Michael Jackson, which is (or maybe was by now?) the biggest-selling album of all time.
1 MILIBAND – (man libid(o))* – limitless in a cryptic normally means remove the first and last letters, but here we just have to lose the last. David Miliband is currently Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
3 MING,’ER – Party leader being Sir Menzies Campbell (or Ming for short), who’s leader of the Lib Dems.
5 LANDSEER (a slender)* – took me a while to realise this was a simple anagram.
7 B(ells),HINDI – a.k.a. ladies’ fingers, or okra.
16 E(YE)BALLS – Ed Balls is Economic Secretary to the Treasury, definitely one of Gordon’s pals.
18 LOP-EARED – don’t understand the wordplay of this one. “A red” is obviously in there, but where does LOPE come from?
19 TOM(T,I,T)S – TOMS = most*
24 BILL – being WILL with B(arnstorm) replacing W(ife)

7 Responses to “Guardian 24079/Arachne”

  1. says:

    18dn: lop is an instruction: lop [ie take the top off] eared = a red

  2. says:

    If it’s the Arachne I know that means another female setter in the Guardian ranks

  3. says:

    Why was 21D – uneven?

    I get the definition of rough but how does the cryptic part work?

  4. says:

    UN + EVEN

    UN is a regional form of one = Local individual
    EVEN = just

  5. says:

    I think until fairly recently Arachne was one of the setters for the Guardian Quiptic, a puzzle designed to educate or assist would-be solvers.

  6. says:

    This also appeared in the Guardian Weekly this week and the proper names were impossible.

  7. says:

    Also did this in the Guardian Weekly. Still don’t get 18dn. Also didn’t like ‘snap’ for ‘shot’ in 2dn. I discounted ‘superego’ for 20ac because I thought that means conscience, not no conscience. D’oh.

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