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Independent on Sunday by Quixote – 900 up!

Posted by nmsindy on May 17th, 2007


It’s celebrated in the first clue. Some unfamiliar words made it a little harder than sometimes for me. Congrats to Quixote on reaching this landmark. If an anorak wishes to probe why the paper itself is numbered 898, good luck to him/her.

Solving time: 30 mins

* = anagram


6 ACME “High point, a No 900 – Quixote’s latest” A CM (900 in Roman numerals) last letter of Quixote.

7 L (IME S)TREET semi reversed in (letter)*

10 MON T(R)EAL Mon = Monday i.e. tomorrow (on Sunday)

14 DEALER Refers to cards – four suits

12 Christian DIOR Fashion designer – hidden with misleading context.

16 CIDER Hidden reversal

19 SENE SCH A L Historical steward (seen)*


1 S COOT ING grass = inform

2 SE TT ER Amusing surface

3 BLUEGRASS STATE (USA settler bags)* Kentucky

5 CEREUS “Serious” US prickly plant – new to me.

18 NINE PINS Good surface Snip reversed

18 CHUKKA From polo “Chucker” (from cricket)

20 CU’S HAT New to me – a pigeon, mainly found in Scotland Cu = symbol for copper

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